Brothers Campfire The Scambaiter Troll -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 142

Drill commenced on the parade ground, Commander Nicholas presiding.

One does not trifle with Commander Nicholas

Baldwin Mailer, Emerson Berengar’s scribe, took roll call. It was a requirement of all men of Northwich to attend drill and several were unaccounted for.

Baldwin Mailer, A Scribe When Not At Drill.

The air, frigid as it was, snow thick on the ground, would not prevent Brother from expelling a man from Northwich for failure to attend drill.


Everyone was welcome in Northwich, but the rules would be followed.

A team was assembled and a man named Jack was brought before Brother.

After a hearing, Jack was expelled from the Campfire.

Photo of Jack

Brother spoke to his men.
“There are several concerns in Northwich that I would like to address. First off, Jack was attempting to peddle evil substances that alter the mind. He was enticing the Heron to purchase these drugs under the name of Illuminati Society Grandmaster and Pharmaceuticaldrugs81.”

“I notified Ahusaka of my discovery.

Artistic Depiction Of Ahusaka, Leader Of The Heron Nation

I believe a Scambaiter Troll has been released by the Heron. Perhaps the north country is making me savage, but it is a fitting punishment.”

Brother looked each man square in the eye,
“There is zero tolerance for this behavior in Northwich.”

Sounds of indescribable anguish emanated from the South. Brother did not seem to notice..

It was hard for them to listen over the sound of the feasting Scambaiter Troll.
Brother continued, nonetheless.
“He had evil plans for you and your families. Pay attention.”

“Second, provided the rules are followed, all are welcome to Northwich, regardless of the color of their skin, the clothing they wear, or the food they eat.

He motioned towards Theodore.
“Several of your children tried to assault Theodore, a scientist from an area unfamiliar to you. He is welcome here. Check your children so I do not have to check you.”

Theodore, a Man of Science.

Brother could sense resistance to his statements, but he did not push the matter further.

Drill resumed.

Those that had pequin armour began to fidget and appeared uncomfortable.
Baldwin Mailer spoke up. “ This armor makes me itch.”

Theodore was curious. From a bag on his waist, he withdrew a slip of purple parchment.
Dipping it in the snow, it became wet and he placed it on a man’s armor. The parchment turned green.

Ask Us How To Make It!

“ The PH is too high!” He exclaimed.

Commander Nicholas was interested. Secretly, he detested the armor because it chafed so badly.

“I’ll bite. What is this PH, and can you make our armor more comfortable with your witchcra…?”

Nicholas looked to the ground and sighed. Chemistry, alchemy, and witchcraft were indistinguishable to him.

“I am sorry Theodore. Can you use your skills to help our armor be more comfortable?”

Theodore smiled. “It is science. Your armor chafes and burns because the PH is too high from the pequin you obtain the leather from. What you need is an acid. Soak your armor in pots of fresh pine needle water and it will take the itchiness away. So will vinegar if you have some on hand.”

Nicholas smiled faintly. “Thank you, Theodore. We will give it a try.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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  1. herbthiel says:

    Mr. Theodore, I am interested in what this ph is and how you can make a parchment to test for it.

  2. Kelly K Green says:

    Greetings fellow reader, see ‘Created equal’ for more,
    And now we know what it was for!
    How exciting 😀


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