Canadian Invasion

Hello friends! Leaving the house today, a small flock of geese caught my attention. They actually appeared to be honking at me. In the course of several years of where I am living, the geese have not landed anywhere near my yard. 

Actual Footage Of The Canadian Invasion!

While I do have a water source, they were attempting to obtain water from small puddles.

My Water Source Is A Wee Bit Bigger.

I find this behavior confusing as there are several creeks and ponds in close proximity. I have noticed that my flock will sometimes drink filthy water when fresh is available. 

Since they were there, I threw some corn out to them. I wonder if they will return. I hope so.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Invasion”

  1. Well, if you want them to come back, when you threw out the corn did you say, things like, “Here’s some corn for you guys, eh?”

  2. I noticed that my neighborhood cats sometimes prefer dirty water to clean. I don’t understand it!
    I’ve heard geese fly over for the first time ever this year but haven’t seen them.

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