About Brother’s Campfire

The Ongoing Tale

Brothers’ Campfire is a historical narrative of events as they occur in the Land of La Longi from the perspective of three characters, The Bard, The Beast, and The Brother. Any correlation between current events and the story line may or may not be intentional.

Brothers’ Campfire began in a forum for an online game I used to play. I used the tag line, “to all ranks and stations, a poem for your donations.”

In game cash flowed and The Bard was born. I had a running joke on the same forum about an animal control officer and lo and behold, The Beast.

The poems and rage needed a control and The Brother started laying down the law. As time went on, I moved on from the game and discovered that keeping a journal in this manner was therapeutic. I could restructure things that really concerned me and it did not matter who read what I wrote as it was not specific to real life events.

You, my friend can influence my ongoing story by contacting me.

As my site has progressed, I began using one of my characters to present the Northwich Warrior Award to those that face fear and write about their experience whether it be about addiction, abuse, or a personal fear of any kind. We at Brother’s Campfire have this to say. “Boo That Fear!”

I too have overcome a few fears and have found more of a voice in my writing. Throughout my posts, I have begun to add snippets of my personal beliefs and life at Willow Manor, my urban farm.

At times you may here me refer to my wife as my “Beloved.” She works hard managing Willow Manor while I am at work and sells clothing to pay for our children’s school tuition.

Thank you friends for stopping by! I hope you enjoy and subscribe!