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I see I have new friends coming to visit! 

Smiles and Waves!

Welcome to my ongoing story! All are welcome to Brother’s Campfire! 

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Mostly, my work is fiction, but today, this post is about real life.


Last week, real life was full of adventure and self discovery. 

Not This Adventurous, But Close

The other day, one of my ducks lost a toenail and was bleeding pretty good. I needed to monitor him so I filled the tub with cold water and shut the shower door so he could get a proper soak. ( It’s freezing here, so there is no usable pond.)

I felt compelled to constantly check on him to ensure he was not going to drown. 

Total facepalm. He is meant to be in water. 

Yeah, I am going to be fine. Do you have any Quaker oatmeal? I can pay, put it on my bill.

So, I brought up that it has been cold here. I learned a valuable lesson about clarifying expectations. When I gave directions to shovel the walk, I did not specify where we were walking. 

We do frequently walk in the yard so the walk was shoveled to some extent.

This is where thinking outside the box can lead sometimes.

Here is the real conundrum of the week. I had the distinct privilege of playing connect four. My last play was placing the yellow playing piece in between two diagonal rows, making five in a row. I declared myself the winner. Undeterred,

My opponent placed a red playing piece on top, connecting four. I was notified that the game is called connect four, not connect five. 

My question to you  is, who won?

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

22 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire What The Week Brought

  1. Lydia Potter says:

    Is that snow behind you in that pic!?

    Hmmmm…. I read that last bit of the post 10 times through. So confusing. I think you won.

        1. Benjamin says:

          There is a need for google translate for the newer languages. Specifically, American.

    1. Benjamin says:

      If you look at the picture, my last play was in between 2 diagonal pairings, making 5 in a row.

  2. SeekSolaceInWords says:

    You write so vividly, and sometimes, mysteriously. I’ve read your work on here. I had another WP page, but deleted it, and made this one. New beginnings, and such.

    Your blog is amazing, just wanted you to know.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for the compliment, friend! Sometimes it is good to start fresh! Drop by the Campfire and say hello as often as you like. Enjoy your day!

    2. Benjamin says:

      Fyi, when I click on your Gravatar, it goes to a private page, not ypur public site. I am using an android.

      1. SeekSolaceInWords says:

        The private page is the deleted page. Takes 30 days to be removed, apparently. And I’m not sure how to fix it all. Lol

  3. Kelly K Green says:

    Several things:
    I will say you won twice over, and are a better sport for it.
    Duck duck oh my, the quackery!
    Though they can be..what’s the word.. full of shenanigans, yes, that’s it.
    It’s ok to think about things, facepalm or no; a tub, is not a pond.
    Life is full of lessons to learn. I suppose we all do the best we can with what is given. Thank you for sharing!
    Stay warm 🙂

  4. A.S. says:

    Oh! quite a week you’ve had, I hope the duck is fine now. 🙂


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