Brothers Campfire Pinington -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 141

Admiral Gryll

As Admiral Gryll left the cabin, Corbae, his raven descended on his shoulder.

She had not done so since the kraken had attacked the fleet. 

Artistic Depiction of a kraken

Gryll was ecstatic.

“Ye belligerent, ungrateful hussy, have a ship’s biscuit.”

Corbae bit his ear and flew off with the biscuit, leaving crumbs on the Admiral’s jacket.

Corbae, the Corvid, Crossing Captains and Crumbling Crumbs.

“argh! Ye cod faced albatross’s auntie! Come back here!”

Corbae crowed her disapproval of his words and hopped back on his shoulder.

The quartermaster, a practical man, interrupted. “Admiral,we are running low on water.”

Freshwater streams were well marked on the charts. However, they were sailing in new waters.

Land Ho! Cried a sailor.

“hand me the glass.” 

He lifted it to his eyes. “This is a kaleidoscope!”

The sailor was an old salt. Look again, Admiral. Tis a proper lens.

Admiral Gryll, owner of a fleet, scourge of La Longi, and leader of a band of mercenaries shuddered. 

“There be the fabled island of Pinington. Steer clear. Be it a mirage or or real, I have crossed swords with the fabled Jake Lewie and have regretted it.”

Admiral Gryll, his his first mate, and quartermaster went to the ship’s cabin. 

“Here be the map he dropped when I nearly lost me life to the youngster. The outline is eerily similar.”

Grylls mates gasped in horror of the memory.

Jake’s Crew wore Maple leaf embroidery on their coats and fought with long halberds. 

Armament of Jake’s Crew.

They could sling a strange stone at a hair’s breadth causing untold damage to their enemies.

Admiral Gryll sighed. He knew the risk was too great to anchor for scuttlebutt.

“We sail. I would rather cross a kraken than swords with Jake Lewie.”

Crossing a Kraken

Map brought to you courtesy of Jake Lewie, the fearsome pirate of Pinington. Thank you for reading and for your contribution of content!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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