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  • A Farewell, Gramma Pike

    I am so sorry for your loss. And very wise advice to love those we have while we still have them! <3
  • A Lioness At Play

    Those nachos look delicious!!
  • My Discovery

    Hahaha! That last picture has me cracking up!!! That breakfast sure does look good though. Now I'm hungry, perhaps it's time for second breakfast! Lol!!
  • Nails on Chalkboard

    I don't mind either of the two sounds. The keys actually remind me of Christmas. When I was a little girl in church we would sing a song called "Come On Ring Those Bells," and the the congregation would start shaking their keys. The plastic wrap is also pleasant to me, but I don't think I associate it with food. It's just pleasurable, like the sound of crunching snow. I can't stand the sound of Styrofoam squeaking. It pains me. Lol
  • Mystery Blogger Award

    Congratulations on the award. I really enjoyed reading your answers!
  • A Different Holiday

    You were a very creative child! No wonder you're so good at telling stories!!
  • An Old Friend

    That's so cool!!!!
  • Under The Weather

    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!
  • Cheap Sunglasses

    ugh, not subscription, prescription!!! Lol! Stupid phone!!
  • Cheap Sunglasses

    Sunglasses look great! I need to break down and buy myself a pair of prescription sunglasses.