Nails on Chalkboard

Hello friends! 

I learned something about myself recently. I hate the crinkle sound of plastic food wrappers as they are opened. It is like nails on a chalkboard to me. 

Agggg! I can’t stand it!

I brought this up with a few friends and took a poll. 

You know what I picked!

I found that many of them like the sound. 

Wha? No way!

They told me it was satisfying and creates expectation that something good is about to be eaten. In fact, one stated, ” It is the satisfying sound of food.!”

The satisfaction of the plastic crinkle.

Perhaps I should try and change my perspective and conform. 

Another soumd that is negative to me is the jingle of keys.

As a youth, I did a lot of hiking alone in risky and outlying parts of my city. Any jingle sound meant a collared dog was fast approaching and I needed to be on guard.

Leashes are wonderful!

Working in a prison amplified my awareness of the key jingle. I make a lot of noise with my keys so Inmates know I am around or approaching.

Neither of us like surprises.

They like to know I am around so I can help them. (People are people regardless of where they live.)

I asked a similar set of questions to my friends about the key jingle and the primary reaction people tell me they have is, ” We are going somewhere!”

Raod Trip!

Another reaction to jingling keys that was agreed upon was, “Dad is home!”

So, those are my thoughts.

I am genuinely curious as to your perspective on the crinkle of plastic and the jingle of keys. 

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

76 thoughts on “Nails on Chalkboard”

  1. I don’t mind either of the two sounds. The keys actually remind me of Christmas. When I was a little girl in church we would sing a song called “Come On Ring Those Bells,” and the the congregation would start shaking their keys. The plastic wrap is also pleasant to me, but I don’t think I associate it with food. It’s just pleasurable, like the sound of crunching snow.

    I can’t stand the sound of Styrofoam squeaking. It pains me. Lol

  2. I don’t mind those types of sounds. The only time it bothers me is when I can’t get the plastic open, and it keeps making those sounds, then yes, I hate that! 😁
    Keys, I don’t really mind. I jingle mine to my cats, but now after reading this, I think they hate it.

  3. I think I’m neutral on both those sounds. The sound that makes me crazy is vacuums… haaaaate it!! Mine goes back to my mother, who we joked about being hooked by IV to the vacuum… she got to the point where she’d vacuum twice a day. I was once in an office mtg when I heard a vacuum and had to grit my teeth to keep from running out of the building like a lunatic!!

  4. Is the feature you use to only show an excerpt of the post on the WordPress Reader exclusive to, or is there a way to do that on


  5. I like that you jingle your keys when approaching… I do something similar going into my neighbours’ yards, unannounced — I sing-sing or yodel instead. Agreed, no surprises are best. And no crinkling wrappers!!!
    Thanks for all your recent comment-liking…
    I like your “everyday life” posts… fun and down-to-earth read, on a grey day 🌦

    1. Thank you for sharing! My ongoing story has great ties to reality, but it has it’s own path.

      I may look at transitioning to an everyday life blog down the road.

      Do you have any recordings of yodeling ? That would be a great listen on a grey day!

        1. When I am not doing everday life posts, you may find enjoyment talking to my characters. Their world is very real to them. Address them in the comments and give it a try! You may see down to earth perspective… Personalized.

      1. Funny, I used to love velvet! I like the softness when stroking it in one direction, but I don’t like the feel of trying to stroke it in the opposite direction.
        Now I have discovered the luxury of Microplush! There is no cringe factor, because it is so soft no matter which way you stroke it.

          1. If you’re thinking of crushed velvet, I’ve never liked to touch that. But regular velvet, when treated with the same respect as petting the dog or horse in the correct direction, is okay. I just don’t like the feel of resistance when petting any of these in the wrong direction. I have a couple of pics of Microplush on a recent post I did, though pics cannot possibly explain the softness. It’s kind of like the softness of rabbit fur but with a shorter pile.

  6. It’s interesting how things can invoke different experiences for people. I am always curious about the human aspect to factual which is what makes diversity truly wonderful.

  7. Not a fan of either sound. If I’m not hearing the sounds of nature, a crackling fire, voices of loved ones, or awesome music, maybe I don’t like much…. hence my belief lizards make great companions! : )

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