My Discovery

Hello Friends!

I started out my day with an excellent breakfast made by my beloved.

Yummy Spiciness!

Having a few precious hours to get out, I went on a short hike amd found this red tailed halk skull.

That is a large beak!

I have an imagination that is sometimes out of control and pretented I was a hawk looking for field mice, rabbits and snakes.

Fortunately, No one saw me acting that way. I think.

Author: The Storyteller

Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down.

35 thoughts on “My Discovery”

  1. Great photos – especially the last one! Cool discovery. I once found a snake head skull while on a camping trip with my family and picked it up with a stick and proudly showed it off – at the time, I didn’t get why my family was so “Put that thing down! You shouldn’t touch it!” (even though I never touched it – just had it on a stick).

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