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Recently, I wrote a shout out to first responders who I first hand saw directing traffic and putting out fires. First Responder Post

It was well organized; life and property were preserved. All is well that ends well.

Not in the News. Newsworthy to my readers, as we care about men and women who put thier lives on the line.

I am thankful for our first responders in every discipline. In fact, there is a first responder flag. The colors represent different branches of first responders. The definitions vary a little for the colors, but here is a site with a great breakdown of the flag. First Responder Flag Meaning

Photo Courtesy of Zedge.Net

Not only am I a patriot, I am proud to represent the Thin Grey Line representing corrections work. This includes parole officers, probation, baliffs, and jailers. Reference

A really neat meme sums up the first responders who work in this field.

That being said, I was excited to see that Dave Napier, franchise owner of the McDonald’s at 2305 Fremont Dr. Canon City, Co 81212   (719) 275-9257

Was giving free combo meals to first responders for a short time period.

The Canon City Daily Record. States,

“Cañon City’s McDonald’s restaurant, 2305 Fremont Drive, will give a free combo meal to first responders and hospital employees with an official identification in the drive-thru from now until April 10.Because of the heightened concern regarding the spread of COVID-19, owner/operator of the local McDonald’s location, Dave Napier, said he would like to honor and give a special ‘thank you’ to all the men and women who put their own lives on the line every day and are serving those affected by the global pandemic. Requirements for the redemption of the offer are one per customer and must be present with ID to redeem.”

When I heard about this from a Correctional Professional, I was elated. There is enormous stress inside the walls of a prison and while I did not plan to partake, I immediately thought of writing about this generous, caring franchise.

Come to me, my pretty scrumptious!

There was a pause after my newfound blogging opportunity.

Then the statement. “Uh, it does not apply to corrections, they say we are not first responders.”

11 years of service flashed before me that I am restricted by policy from talking about. ” that is impossible!” I exclaimed.

Because it was word of mouth and the Canon City Daily Record could be wrong,

I called McDonalds at 2305 Fremont Dr Canon City, Co 81212  by dialing (719) 275-9257.

I asked if they were providing a complimentary meal to First Responders and they said yes. I asked if Correctional Officers were included and they said no. My jaw dropped and the Correctional Proffessional said, “I told you so.” In a comforting tone he said “It’s ok, Starbucks loves us.” We both had a good chuckle and went on our way.

So let’s make sure I am keeping this real. There are many times I go to the gas station and find it necessary to insist I pay for coffee. My paycheck is how I am compensated and an officer is a servant to the public.

We Are Public Servants. I asked for the job.

To tell me I am not a first responder is a slap in the face. It is hard to take an insult sometimes. That is what really is driving this post. The fact that Dave Napier is telling a newspaper that he is feeding first responders, when in fact it is a public relations stunt irritates me as well.

I figured I would go to the source. I contacted McDonald’s corporation and asked thier opinion on first responders.

I recieved a reply.

They did not answer my question.

What is the criteria to be considered a first responder? The Department of Labor seems to think I qualify as one. Source

Irritated at the real lack of response and the canned message, I went to reply back until I read the fine print.

Gotta Put Advertising on Everything!

Thanks For Reading! I will keep you posted as this unfolds.

McDonald’s Site

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

20 thoughts on “McDonald’s View Of First Responders Brothers Campfire

  1. Herb says:

    Sounds to me like a call to the newspaper about this publicity stunt might be in order.

    1. Benjamin says:

      I am a little interested in what the Canon Daily Record has to say about it. I have not heard from Dave Napier the franchise owner yet and McDonald’s has not yet told me thier point of view.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Corrections Officers do a lot of behind the scenes work they are not permitted to talk about due to to various policies. There are many instances where they protect the public.

        1. Benjamin says:

          They denied several of my friends in person. I called out of curiosity. I tend to stay away from free things for being a public servant. I do not want it misconstrued. I would have been quite embarrassed if I had gone.

  2. Brittany Gutierrez says:

    I heard this as well. Working on the front line full time during all times. Corrections is also a first responder. We get 50% off at popeyes chicken. Thanks for sharing!

  3. stlautismmom says:

    My nephew is a corrections officer as well. You all are essential and first responders. Thank you for what you do every day and if you ever make it to St. Louis, I would be honored to treat you to whatever meal you want!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for supporting Corrections and reinforcing that we are not only essential, but first responders as well. We are still required to work during during these tough times. Thank you for the meal offer. Perhaps we will meet in person at some point and I would be honored!

      The focus on my part is McDonald’s franchise owner Dave Napier not only falsely advertised a free meal to First Responders, he insulted those that swore an oath to protect the public by refusing and embarrassing people that thought it was the real deal.

      Again, I appreciate your support, Friend.

  4. Omatra7 says:

    Well I work for a funeral home – I have the bodies picked up after someone passes … I am essential but I am surely not covered either.

    Our jobs are different – they need to be done either way … but are not like the ones they are offering the free meals to. We have to do our jobs because they have to be done – we are lucky to even have jobs still… but our jobs are not having us jump right into the fire?

    Plus McDonald’s is franchises so it would be up to the owner how to handle, and who to offer to… if they are too loose with guidelines then they will lose money instead of being able to sincerely show support. Some professions are putting in endless hours and going above and beyond fighting through this.

    I don’t think they meant it to be insulting to any other essential worker … but you really can’t just give everyone free stuff lol … especially right now.

    It would be really nice though, but just not feasible… there are more essential workers than people realize ✌️

    1. Benjamin says:

      Well spoken and thank you for your service. Your vocation seems very tough.

      I agree that a business has the right to conduct themselves as they see fit.
      I cannot stress enough that I would not cash in on a free meal for a paid assignment as a public servant.

      This is the concern. The offer was for First Responders.

      Corrections Officers Are First Responders.

      The franchise owner made a public advertisement to a newspaper in a town with prisons that he would give a free combo meal to First Responders and he did not do as advertised. David Napier used a crisis to showcase his brand as something it was not

      Thank you again for what you do in this crisis. I applaud you for your work, Friend.


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