Resurrection Sunday Afternoon

Hello Friends!

I enjoyed the service today and would like to thank those that attended.

Thank you!

It meant a lot to bring friends to service. If you did not get to attend, there are several archived messages and podcasts about the message at Heritage Pentecostal Church

After church, I came across some images I would like to share about the message!

Lego Depiction Of The Stone Rolled Away
Mary Telling Peter and the other discple about the news.
Crying and bleary eyed, Mary mistook Jesus for the gardener

After service, I ate an enchilada casserole with beans and rice. It was delicious!

Thank you Beloved!

I went outside to check on the birds and there was a quarter inch of ice on the surface of their water. I went ahead and fed them. The only egg hunting we planned on was this.

Photo Bombing Bubbles!

We have some hearty spring flowers coming up and I would like to show them to you before they wild and die in the cold! (They are actually pretty cold tolorant!)

Well, I will blog more tomorrow! I am trying to stay focused as we will be having communion tonight by streaming.

Have a blessed and beautiful Resurrection Sunday!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

135 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Sounds like a blessed time! Great photos! Crazy spring weather here in Colorado strikes again! Still snowing a bit up here, but the sun is shining through. Blessings to you and your family!

          1. Well for one, the symbol of the Starbucks lady can be thought of as offensive. Another may have to to with permits for building and zoning. It may be excessivly taxed, wage concerns.

          2. I wonder how the symbol is offensive.

            I don’t think there are any such concerns. They might spread soon. They claim India will be their 4th largest market soon.

          3. We have what are called Chinook Winds on the East side of the Colorado Rockies. It makes the climate mostly mild, but it can change in an instant.

          4. Before European settlers came to the Americas, there were people who libed here. They are known as Native American. Chinook is one of their tribes. In my ongoing story, the Heron and Ruetoohto follow them in a very general way.

          5. I hear that the native americans are called Indians 😀 🤣
            That is quite strange.

            I hear it is because Columbus wanted to find India and thought he had succeded when he landed in America.

          6. In my opinion, India should have taken a different official name at independence. Yes, Indigenous americans are named after our country, but most westerners form a wrong link.
            India is called Bharat in hindi.

          7. ??
            Incase you are asking what the name is in Hindi/Sanskrit, the answer is Bhaarat.
            It is named after an ancient king. It is defined as the land between the himalayas and the indian ocean.

            A resident of Bharat would be called a Bhaarat Vaasi. Vaasi means citizen.

            Or you can say Bhaarati.

          8. I actually think he had mental health concerns. In addition, he must have had a bizzare perception of the world. People in his time had a significant amount of knowledge about the subject.

          9. Is that a joke or did he really have mental health concerns?
            I hear he was smart. He fooled native americans with a prediction of solar eclipse to make them give him food.

            He carried a compass. And he surely saw the sun rise from east. 🤔

  2. We had sausages and eggs for breakfast, chocolates throughout the day, and roast lamb with Yorkshire pudding and roast vegetables for dinner.

      1. My pleasure dear 😇 and no here is no Starbucks here. I live in a small city called Bhilwara in Rajasthan, India. And due to super curfews here not able to go anywhere 🙄

          1. That’s cool but here we are in total house arrest. Yes I enjoy street foods which I am missing nowadays. So tryinh trying some of them to make it at home. 😊 Else I enjoy homemade food alot. What about you?

          2. My wife makes better food than most restaurants. I cannot ask for anything better! I do like 🍕 pizza and 🍔 hamburgers! Street food sounds enjoyable!

          1. My wife goes shopping all the time! I like this because she resells online! It gets her out of the house. I am in the prison field, 😆. Hats off to you for your education and dedication!

          2. Your lady love is really amazing 👌love and much regards to you both 😇 and thank you so much for your appreciation and kindness 🤗 🤗 🤗

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