Brothers Campfire And The Mazda Driver

Hello Friends! 

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2020 at approximately 2013 hours Mountain Standard Time, I, Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire dialed an emergency number. 

My Stunt Double Trying To Remember His Pin

Without further ado…..

So, I was driving home from work last night when I saw a red Mazda 6 on the side of the road with the hood open.

Hard experience has taught me to let the Colorado State Patrol do its job in assisting stranded motorists, but this was different in that I saw blue pants and a black T-Shirt, a tell tale sign that this was a fellow staff member. 

When I pulled over, I noticed the car had California tags and it was not. 

The man immediately informed me that someone had taken over all his technology devices and the last phone call he received was a death threat. 

I asked the man if he had enemies and he told me no. He then asked to use my phone and utilize WhatsApp to get in contact with his wife. She apparently did not have a phone number but could receive calls with the app.

After downloading the app and setting up an account I witnessed the man talking rapidly in Spanish to his wife. He made a great show of introducing me as a police officer, which I am not. He kept me in view on the video call while he spoke.

He also spoke about the tire of his car and his car being remotely disabled in an accusatory tone. He probably believed I could not comprehend  Spanish, but I know enough to get by. 

It was quite apparent as an onlooker that she was as cold as ice. She said little and her eyes flashed angrily at me as he spoke.

After they ended the video call, he asked me for a jump and I agreed to drive to Penrose, Colorado to find some jumper cables. 

I tried the gas station I go to and absolutely no one would lend cables or assist the man. I then went to a local Dollar General and they were sold out. I asked several customers with no luck. 

Now you might be asking why I left the man after he told me there were death threats. I have not heard it all, but I will tell you, I have heard too much to believe everything I hear. I don’t always make choices from just the words but also how they are being spoken.

Working corrections, I hear stories all the time. 

When I returned empty handed, I offered to call the police to inform them of a disabled vehicle. I did not think to call his insurance for a tow to a service station. 

At this time, he told me more. He informed me that the woman he called was his ex wife and that a male she knew probably made the threat. I was frustrated because he used my phone to make the contact but ignored it. 

Picture of contact I labled Test, who now has my contact info. Now if something happens, we have a picture.

He went on to say that the caller on his phone told him that not only would he get a flat tire (he had a donut tire), but his car would be disabled remotely. 

Still in a cynical mood from work, I informed him I was calling the non emergency number to get in contact with the police so they could assist him. 

The man became animated in his actions and words and said I should call 911, the emergency number. 

I hung up and looked directly at the man. I said, “Sir, calling 911 is very serious and you said you need a jump. We can get you a jump and I am willing to wait for help. Are you in fear for your life from the threats? 

The man informed me that he wanted the police there immediately and became frantic. I called 911.

I recounted the information to the operator and identified myself upon request.

The operator was helpful in all respects.

When the operator asked for the identity of the man who claimed he was being threatened, he gave his full name and birthday. 

Then everything changed. The man was upset that I had called 911 and said he did not want the police involved. The operator told me to disengage from the conversation so I did. 

Like This

The man I was attempting to assist told me he was leaving his car and his cell phone. 

 Initially, he sat in front of my car and appeared to be crying. I stayed in my car and he began walking down the highway.

After giving additional information to the police such as licence plate number, I left the area. Here are my call records.

As I drove, I followed the same path the Mazda driver did to offer assistance despite the operator’s direction to disengage. 

The man was gone. 

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

124 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire And The Mazda Driver

  1. Hangaku Gozen says:

    What the what! I think you went far beyond the call of duty or compassion. I won’t even lend my phone to a stranger anymore, after one tried to download a suspicious-looking app onto it. Plus that story he told you sounded so convoluted, I would have jumped back in my car and took off after calling a tow truck. (And let him worry about how he would pay for it.)

    Hat’s off to you, sir, but please do be careful for the sake of your loved ones, if not for yourself!

    1. Loveblossom says:

      I’m sorry but don’t you use WhatsApp. It’s not a suspicious looking app at all. Even among all the social media app this one is safest. Because only if someone has your phone number then he can sent you message via WhatsApp Messenger. Or else no one can in touch with you via WhatsApp Messenger.

          1. Loveblossom says:

            You are right. It’s not my concern and I don’t even care😇😇😇😇😇

        1. Loveblossom says:

          I thought WhatsApp is a American freeware so most of American uses it. That’s why I was a surprised😶😶😶😑😑

          1. Benjamin says:

            I spend most of my time at work, home, and church. Therefore, I am usually with the circle I need to communicate with. I say “whats up” not “whats app”

          2. Loveblossom says:

            I want to be a writer. That’s why I started this blog so that I can learn more about writing and I think it would help me in future. But I’m not sure if I am thinking it in a right way or not. But I’ve made up mind. So I won’t give up on my dreams

          3. Benjamin says:

            Well, we gotta have goals! Do you have a source of income while you get on your feet?

          4. Loveblossom says:

            Still not. And I lead a pampered life, giving by my parents. so they will never let me suffer. But I want to get on my feet.
            For the source of income I tutor some primary students. I taught them hindi, some of English grammar and mathematics too. It’s not much but if want more in future atleast I’ll have experience of teaching too.
            Now please don’t make fun of me by saying I should improve my English first😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜

          5. Benjamin says:

            I hear that you have a high quality of life and you are tutoring. Well done, Friend. As for correcting you on your writing, I believe there are more English speakers in India than anywhere in the world combined! Perhaps you can teach me how to improve!

          6. Loveblossom says:

            Oh come on sir I’ve told you not to make fun of me😅😅
            But yes if you are interested I can teach you Hindi because my hindi is really good. In B.A. hindi is my major.

            That was a joke. I don’t think you need to.😂😂😜😜

          7. Loveblossom says:

            It’s not. Just start with “namaste”
            If I can learn your language you can learn our too.

            And for more visit my site and read wonderful hindi poetries 😜😜😜😇😇😇🧚🧚

          8. Loveblossom says:

            That’s true. Because when we join our hands and say namaste to someone it doesn’t only mean a greeting but our respect and connectivity to each other.
            Hearing this from you really makes me feel proud.😇😇😇😇🙏
            Thank you mr. Ben.

          9. Loveblossom says:

            Now it’s night in India. Although in Colorado it’s still 10:30 am. but still good night

          10. Benjamin says:

            I work in a prison because I did not get the opportunity of education.

          11. Loveblossom says:

            In a prison???

            Our life experiences teach us more than books. But education is precisely important

      1. Hangaku Gozen says:

        Why would someone download any app onto a phone that he borrowed from a stranger? He didn’t ask for permission, he just did it as if I wouldn’t care.

        WhatsApp has had a number of security and privacy issues. Plus, I don’t know anyone who uses it.

        1. Benjamin says:

          I deleted it. We will hope for the best! Thank you for the advice, care, and concern, Friend.🤠🔥

          1. leendadll says:

            Stop apologizing. WhatsApp is used virtually everywhere but America!

    2. Benjamin says:

      Thank you for the feedback and the advice. I will be more careful in the future. Have a beautiful day, friend!🤠🔥

  2. Loveblossom says:

    Sir. hat’s off to you. In this kind of situation, I may not be able, to handle it. Because a stranger who has been threatened plus he ask you for your even install WhatsApp plus he speaks a foreign language, and then police. It’s really horrified.
    You should be careful at the times

          1. Benjamin says:

            I noticed your Bible app pics are dark themed. Are you practicing to be batman?

          2. Benjamin says:

            I dare you to go back to one of his stories and talk to Jeptha.😝

          3. Lydia says:

            Oooooh I take that back.
            Yeah. I dare you to jog a mile.

          1. Benjamin says:

            Oops. Mispelled summary. That is why you can continue your education!

  3. rue202 says:

    Holy cow! I was getting scared that something was going to happen to you – thank God that you weren’t hurt, though that guy didn’t sound like he was up to any good.

          1. Benjamin says:

            I come across all kinds, especially in a prison. I did not feel particularly threatened. I was concerned for his problem.

          2. rue202 says:

            True…though why he’d call his ex-wife baffles me.

          3. Benjamin says:

            So.. Here is what I think.
            His wife had a friend who was threatening him. He tells her he has law enforcement with him to shut her down and cause her concern. When I call actual law enforcement, he thought about potential warrants for his arrest.
            ( My authority ends when I step outside of the prison system.)

  4. Petra says:

    Wow, that’s a crazy tale! I hope it doesn’t come back to bite you in the butt.

  5. Hannah Calintina says:

    Wow that’s sounds scary!😯

        1. Benjamin says:

          That was the whole point. Everyone else got off topic. Thanks. Say hey to Gurtrude for me, will you?

  6. achme24gmailcom says:

    That sounds like big Ben adventure

  7. Greg Taniguchi says:

    I had no clue you were a fellow Coloradan, well till now. Also crazy story, I wonder it was really all about

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hey there fellow Coloradan! Perhaps one day we can meet for coffee!

      It is a strange story. Perhaps he had a warrant or drugs in the car. He was quick to leave it and his cellphone.


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