Brothers Campfire The March To La Longi -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 101

Location:West of Silverfinch, La Longi

Ambient Music

Emerson Berengar moved doubletime with the men to break the siege in La Longi. 

The next stop for resupply was Veigmanshire as Silverfinch was deemed unreliable. 

Ahusaka raised his hand, motioning for a halting of the soldiers.  Movement to the south had caught his eye. Two words were enough.

 “Enemy Warriors.”

Brother replied, “The men are unaccustomed to the pace. Lets break, and on signal, make formation. They can expend their energy coming to us.” Heron warriors disappeared into the forest. They weren’t the best at taking orders. 

As they drew nearer, Turlough, leader of the O’Hagans spoke with his men in whispered tones and came to a conclusion.. 

“Brother, they are from Silverfinch.”

“How do you know? I can barely make them out.”

The older man was grim. “ We feel it in the wind. “They are attempting to deceive us and their movement betrays their intent.”

Brother looked sceptical. Nicholas the Town Watch snorted. 

Nicholas, Town Watchman

“Witchcraft.” He replied.

In an exaggerated fashion, a O’Hagan sniffed the air. “They’ve been hunting for large game and snared but several squirrels.”

Herman Forstnerg, one of the 16 grinned.

” Come now, there is no way you would know that.” 

“Look behind you.”

Distracted by the movement in the south, a surly, unkempt group of heavily armed men approached from behind. One was carrying a string of squirrels.

Brother stood up and introduced himself to the apparent leader. 

“Hello! Welcome to my camp, I am Emerson Berengar and these are my men. How can I be of service to you?

Armed for war, they appraised the camp.

“Well, now Emerson, I am Sheriff Crimsonhart and this is my right hand man, Clyve Därkwing.

“The Law” Sheriff Crimsonhart

I am the law around here.”

“It is mighty unfortunate for you that these are your men. See, they are branded Last Rights and Silent Gallows. That is mighty against the law here in Silverfinch. I can forgive you your trespass if you pay a fine. I believe it is in your best interest because……”

Brother interrupted  “Look, pal, I skirted around your little town and I am not even in your Lord’s territory. If you want trouble, lets get it going and cut this extortion short.”

He stood up, hand on his sword hilt. In unison, the 16 followed, forming ranks.

Clyve Därkwing, the Sheriff’s right hand man grinned. ” You may want to rethink that. You are surrounded by 100 of our followers. “

Clyve Därkwing

Brother smiled back. ” it doesn’t appear that you have 100 followers.” 

A Heron warrior spoke. “Idan kun gama da mutumin nan, zan iya kama gashinsa?  ciniki ne mai mahimmanci kuma zai dawo da farashi mai kyau.”

The Heron laughed.

The two were confused.

” What did he say?” 

Ahusaka spoke. ” The warrior wants to trade.” 

Sheriff Crimsonhart was short. “There will be no trade. We will take what pleases us. You will never get out of here alive if you do not. You are surrounded by archers and men of the forest.” 

He gestured towards a tree. “Put your possessions in a pile over there, Now!”

Thoughtfully, Turlough looked at the sheriff. 

“My men say there are thirty of you. Do you want to reconsider your proposal?”

From the south, four heartrending screams were heard. The unmistakable sound of snapping bones echoed through the forest. The rival groups listened in horror at the apparent agony and pleas for mercy. 

A Heron warrior whispered reverently, “yenaldooshi.”

Artists depiction of a yenaldooshi.

Turlough shugged, looking at the sheriff. “Is it 26 men then?”

Recoiling in disgust, the Sheriff, Clyve and the men with him departed. “You hav…”

Turlough completed the sentence. “Not seen the last of me, I know, I have heard it before.”

Somberly, Brother and his men marched towards Veigmanshire to resupply. 

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