Brothers Campfire To My Beloved, Molly-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 100

Under siege, the city of La Longi was occupied by Admiral Grylls’ forces.

Watchman Wayne and James the Bastard led a resistance, causing no small concern to Admiral Gryll. 

There was no finding Watchman Wayne. He knew everyone in the harbor district and they were happy to hide him. 

James was impatient. “we need to confront the Admiral and his men.”

Admiral Gryll

” There are many ways of confronting the Admiral, James. I have a friend named Molly that is attacking while we hide.”

” Whatever. You can cower here, I am taking to the streets.”

Wayne had been on the beat to long to let a slight like that go unchecked.

” James, I grew up here, with street gangs, murders, and all sorts of evil. Then I became a watchman. ….. On the same streets. You grew up in a royal household, James. I was raised on the streets. You don’t understand taking it to the street.”

James drew his sword. Watchman Wayne was not deterred. “So you say I am a coward and then you hide behind the biggest sword you can afford, huh?”

James was embarrassed and angry that he had been checked by the watchman. ” you’re an old overweight fat fritter.”

Wayne laughed. ” that I am.”

James, let’s go out together. I suspect you will see what an old fat fritter devised.

The two slipped out into the streets and headed towards the harbor. It was blockaded by the Admiral’s ships. Several supply ships were flush with the dock for unloading. Mercenaries patrolled the shore.

Women dolled up to the nines came out of the nearby housing, picnic baskets in hand. 

“Liberators! Our rescue! Our champions!” They cheered. 

A mercenary is never full. The pleasant sight of the women, the desire for more than a ration and their bolstered ego lowered their guard a little, but not much. As James and Wayne watched, they feasted. James was livid. “I will not sit idle and watch this! The time to attack is now, while they are distracted!”

Wayne shook his head. 

The women left, not too worse for the wear and the mercenaries resumed their duties. Minutes turned into what seemed like hours for James. 

A cat call was heard. A man emerged from a nearby dwelling with a clay vessel. The vessel had a wick and it was burning.


Other men came from their homes with similar pots and rushed the harbor. In unison, nearly 100 townspeople began shouting and throwing their pots at the ships. They were filled with rendered fat and cooking oil causing fire to spread everywhere. The townspeople fled in every direction.

A mercenary yelled,  ” throw water on the fires!” 

Quickly, the mercenaries discovered the futility of throwing water on a grease fire. 

Two ships were a total loss. 

Watchman Wayne smiled. “I don’t think I followed policy today!”

James did not smile, but there was a glint of humor. ” you’re a clever man, Watchman Wayne.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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