Brothers Campfire The Carsiolians -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 174

Emerson Berengar took his place at the Campfire where all business in Northwich was conducted. A war council had been requested by Commander Nicholas and many had assembled.

Commander Nicholas

Any citizen of Northwich that attended a council had a say. 

So far, the system had worked, but it was not popular with the top down approach of La Longi. As a King’s Thane, Emerson had liberty to rule his holdings as he saw fit and he did so.

Commander Nicholas was serious.

“Men, La Longi is recovering from a civil war; and while there is one king, there are many factions, such as the people of Silverfinch who are not aligned with the king. I have spoken with scouts on our eastern borders and there is evidence of an invasion in the future. We are ripe for conquest by our stronger neighbors. ”

There was silence around the fire as he paused, gathering his thoughts.

“The Land of La Longi is a large exporter of wheat, wool,and fish and is rich in trade.

The Carsiolians would be more than happy to use food resources to supply their soldiers as they expand their interests.”

Baldwin Mailer, Emerson’s scribe and one of the 16 raised his hand. “They have been resupplying their ships with us for decades without incident, what would change that?”

“The 16”

Nicholas replied, “Politics. The Carsiolians have a new king that does not have a military background. He will need to demonstrate his strength to his rivals by a decisive, profitable acquisition of territory.”

A townsperson looked on in troubled disbelief. “How do you know all this? Aren’t you from the Silent Gallows or Last Rites Prison?”

Nicholas’ ears turned red and his jaw clenched. “Sir, you have observed that I came to Northwich branded a criminal. I am a Carsiolian by birth, and was an officer in their army. Betrayed, I was sold into slavery in La Longi to Lord Rainport’s estate. I was thrown in prison for murdering a taskmaster. I have a lot of inside knowledge about the Carsiolians. We must prepare.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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            There is always coffee at Brothers Campfire. Help yourself and make this a second home!

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