Brothers Campfire Samuel Ritan’s Meager Soup -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 173

Hello Friends! The recent days brought some cool numbers! The other day I read the Bible 888 days in a row!

And as of right now, I have 777 Following Brother’s Campfire! Thank you friends!

I have also updated the map of La Longi recently, which makes me excited! It has a few new areas and it is in High Definition. If you would like to name a village, please leave your suggestions!

Now, a brief story!!!

Samuel Ritan paid for Jeptha’s care with a full load of foraged goods meant for his family. His wife and six children would be a little skinnier for the summer. 

When the thunderbirds attacked the wagon and ate the livestock, they salvaged what they could and pressed on. So much had depended on the wagon.

Handy with his tools, he built a cabin over the winter and planted winter wheat. 

Foraging was the only thing keeping the Ritan residence from starvation.

Samuel knew his wife would be livid for trading his days foraging, but taking care of that hideous looking man was the right thing to do. 

They would get by, it would just be very difficult.

Seeing a little green patch at the base of a hill, he saw a familiar plant growing; salsify. With a sharp stick, he dug up the roots. They tasted a little fishy when cooked. If he found enough of them, he could make a meager soup. 

Meanwhile, at the Ruetoohto Village, Jeptha Berengar woke in a feverish delirium.The tribesmen gave Jeptha water and he swallowed weakly. 

Exhausted, he fell asleep. The spear had pierced the liver and through his back. His chances of living were slight, but his wounds were tended to and he was improving.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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