Brothers Campfire Scrambled Saturday!

Hello Friends!

Tea is available as well. (Bengal)

This post is a little random and scrambled, but I have a few different topics to speak about! First off, I would like to thank the twenty some individuals who gave me various blogging awards! There is no possible way I can make that many posts without leaving someone out or being ridiculous. I will say that I am nost humbled and honored for the consideration.

Moving right along on my Saturday Scramble, I have great news! My cattails that I Planted are coming up!


My buddy Ishaan was interested in my peas. This is what they look like so far.

They Have A Long Way To Go!

So, there has been a lot of isolation coupled with boredom.I think one of the younger members of the family thought it fit to assemble a Carsiolian fort in the yard. It is possible I am being invaded as well.

Who Needs Grass With a Fort Like This?
Earily Similar. Perhaps an attack is imminent!

Oh.. Yeah Tish Girl if I am not mistaken has never had a smore. I went ahead and made her one. One day I should do a tutorial.

Well, I am off to work! Have a wonderful day!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

101 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Scrambled Saturday!

  1. ellie894 says:

    A wonderful morning scramble! Never had s’mores?! Yes, you should do a tutorial. They’re a campfire joy. Congrats on All of your awards, you’re most worthy. Have a wonderful day 😊

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you Suzanne! I was so overwhelmed by all the nominations! I will make a tutorial for s’mores soon, hopefully!

  2. Herb says:

    Your tutorials and process explanations are usually very good. This might be a good subject.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Smores are an important aspect of the Campfire. I agree that it is an excellent subject!

          1. Benjamin says:

            Way cool! It is always a pleasure to have you attend with us!

          2. Benjamin says:

            Lydia, I am thinking about a 1000 Follower Giveaway. Any Ideas?

          3. Lydia Potter says:

            I did a gift card for my 500 follower giveaway. Easy to ship off and send through mail… much better than a duck!

          4. Lydia Potter says:

            If it’s a giftcard, it’s still fine. Just costs more for shipping. A USA person won mine

          5. Benjamin says:

            Oh… The mostest card… Well played.

            . you.. Are the mostest amazingest person ever!

          6. Lydia Potter says:

            That was the most incredible service I’ve ever heard before! I think he planned that just for me…. which makes me feel weird.

  3. TishGirl❤️ says:

    Thanks for the smore!😂 Looks delish!😋 I’ll have to try one soon… maybe make one following your tutorial!😊

          1. Benjamin says:

            I plan to work in my garden, go hiking, perhaps cook a little! How is college?

          2. pooja rani says:

            close upto 3 may may be lock down in there 😨 stay at home home only home and don’t know when is paper. 🤔 We all just study at home.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you! I try to make simple things fantastic. An example would be a trip to the dollar store. I make it as exciting as possible!

  4. Angie says:

    I have been needing a good bonfire in the back yard for some time now but I’m always away at work. Plus the yard was full of snow…and then under water. Now we are under a fire ban. Fingers crossed I can hold in there until the ban is lifted! Or perhaps I should try a smore done over the toaster LOL

    1. Benjamin says:

      Angie, wow… That is a lot! Perhaps for now you can hang out at Brothers Campfire! I like to make s’mores over a stove eye! I hope things start looking up, friend! Don’t be a stranger!

      1. Angie says:

        I’m getting caught up slowly! I fell pretty far behind with all this “having to work for a living” stuff haha.

          1. Angie says:

            Oh how I miss reading my own books. I read to the kids lots, but it’s not the same.

          2. Angie says:

            We own quite a few books but we mostly use the public library in the town next to us because it’s free 🙂

          3. Benjamin says:

            Free is good! Sometimes we forget to return books and it is not so free!

          4. Benjamin says:

            Reading to the kids…. Mine are just a few years past that!

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