Brothers Campfire The Alchemist’s Laundry -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 184

The King’s Alchemist worked with exceptionally advanced equipment for his time. He had discovered that dimensions could be influenced in ways beyond what was considered possible. It was simple really, well at least to the Alchemist. 

This is how it worked.

A three dimensional individual on the plane you are familiar with can use a pen and write a 2 dimensional story. To the reader, the story comes to life and his mind creates a picture. 

Well, the King’s Alchemist discovered that he was part of a story, but could not directly influence the words written on the page to his advantage. In the suspension of disbelief, he was temporarily real, but this ended as soon as a reader’s imagination did. 

The Alchemist had discovered how to break the fourth wall through a series of experiments while existing in the imagination of the readers. It required complex mathematics and breakthroughs in physics heretofore unknown . Utilizing the fourth dimension, he began to pen parts of his existence on a three dimensional plane.  

And here I am, The Kings Alchemist, penning my own existence! 

 It is quite the leap of cerebral activity for a person such as yourself to understand, but here I am. I am in your mind and am influencing it as I speak. I have broken boundaries and am talking directly to you. My book of faces tells me many things about you. Not in the Book of Faces you say? I am in your Pressed Words! I know your Instant Telegrams and your Tweet Bird. 

Benjamin The Storyteller did his best to reign me in but I am the Alchemist after all. He is no match for me.

You, yes, you, have helped me in my plan to conquer La Longi, and I thank you. 

I see in my pages of webs how Benjamin the Storyteller speaks of missing socks helplessly.

So do others in your pathetic world. They are the material to create my minions.

I will use them to control La Longi. Ha ha ha! Every time you put socks in the washer or dryer, they spin at the perfect frequency for me to extract them to my dimension. They are mine to take as I please and use as I desire.

I hear your uncertainty and fears in my orb and tablet. Behold! My Press of Words!!!

 Tremble, for I am the Alchemist. I will make minions from your socks.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

23 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire The Alchemist’s Laundry -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 184

  1. Herb says:

    Dear Alchemist, I am afraid you have opened up a dimension that will cause you to fear. When you use one of my socks it will become a stench minion and you won’t be able to control its power. And there are many with socks of stench, just wait until you grab one.

          1. Benjamin says:

            I have really got to get ahold of my story. That guy is a little out of control.

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