Brothers Campfire Reports-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 21

A Letter Home

Hey babe,

As you well know, I am patrilling Northwich while it is being rebuilt. I am ready to complete my rotation. I hate the barracks.

I carry weapons of death and materials to prevent it. I may need to use them

I am dedicated to keeping the Camp and Campfire safe. I prepare my mind for death, and I prepare my mind for survival.

I am not my own. I am a servant to the Camp and the Kingdom of La Longi. I have to keep telling myself this.

My shift is over. The noises last night were terrifying. There is a clearing, and then the forest. The noises came from the forest. They are not natural sounds.
I am confident enough to admit my fear. Fear is a motivator, my love. I was shaken last night, but I commit to my post.

Shadows cast themselves in contorted ways every night. I am happy the sun is out. The noises coupled with the tricks my mind plays makes it hard to maintain personal discipline.

The Beast is a fearful creature. I fear him more than the noises. His stare makes me shrink inside. You remember that mongrel when he was in town. You know.

I am glad he is not here. I laugh and joke with the other guards about the Beast.
The Beast has caught us making light of him. He did nothing but walk outside of the Camp. He has not been around lately. I shivered inside when he heard us. He is not right.

I just left the Campfire for the daily briefing. The Brother says we are going to build our defenses.

He spoke of the Beast. He claims there are unseen enemies making noise in the night. He says the Beast holds them at bay.


If he is going to make us build something, he had better make sure we get paid better. I am so sick of that hard nosed man.

What’s in it for me?

The Brother told us to not be discouraged by the noises. This is easy for him to say, he tends the Campfire. What gives anyway? How did a “freedman” get his own village?

Politics. Plain and simple.

I am good at my job. It is hard to take additional responsibility sometimes. It is thankless work, and my morale is wavering.
Regardless of my feelings, I am a guard. I took an oath. I live and die for the Camp. I love my people. I am prepared to bleed for them.

I am sending this with a traveller. I hope this gets to you. Please do not show the children this letter, but do give them my love.

Scout Report

Last night, at approximately 0200 hours at the forest line, I,(name withheld) was observing the perimeter of the camp at the tree line. This is my current job assignment. There was what sounded like fighting in the forest. The fighting lasted approximately 15 minutes. I heard a guttural roar throughout the fighting. I heard wailing and shrieking in the area.
At approximately 0530 hours, I was unable to signal anyone and did not find it appropriate to leave my post.

As per Standard Operation Procedure, I took what steps I could to isolate and contain the area where the sounds came from.
I walked to the area and found tracks in the snow that in my perception belong to the Beast. The tracks span an area of approximately 10 yards.
Other tracks were observed. There is a peppery odor that also burns the eyes.

Due to the serious nature of this incident, I am requesting this report be kept confidential.
End Of Report

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Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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