Brothers Campfire Wispy-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 20

Beast is careful not to hurt Wispy Sapling.

Wispy is small and weak. 

Wispy tells me to hold baskets. I am tired.

It is day. I am still very strong. Just very tired. Beast watches the moon at night.

The moon gets big and round.

Wispy wants mushrooms from the forest

I can smell them.

 I can smell predator. Larry was a predator but not good to eat. Larry was a person predator. I must not eat person predators. 

Brother says so.

Brother says do not be alone with Wispy Sapling. He said so in front of her. Wispy became angry with Brother. Wispy says she can handle herself. 

I tell Wispy she bring friends. She brings her mom.

Mom. What is mom? 

Brother is family.

My brain is fast today.

We gather mushrooms I smell berries and useful plants.

I smell a bear. He is far away. 

I like when my head thinks smart thoughts.

Brother told Wispy Sapling, do not touch Jeptha. Wispy does not touch me.

I do not want to fight. When someone touches Beast, BEAST FIGHTS!

I am happy to be a Heron. The tribe likes me. 

I gather and hunt. They like to eat deer. I like deer. They are like home to me. I do not want to kill deer. I like predator meat. I smell a bear. They hurt to fight. Beast gets better fast.

Last night I was strong. The wind blew and the moon waxed. I found red predator meat. 

I did not share. It did not smell like deer. I did not bring it to camp. The red predator stays away. It knows I will eat. 

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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