Brothers Campfire Interception-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 22

Winter wheat is going in the ground. It is back breaking work to bring a loaf of bread to the table.
We are all working and planting. All the seeds have to be covered so the birds do not see them.

James Rainport intercepted a letter from a guard this morning. He was clearly unimpressed with insubordination in the letter and informed the guard of this. James asked me what action I was going to take and I informed him to send the letter. While I do not like to be slighted, it was a man blowing off steam to his wife. He was probably embarrassed anyway. I told James to take him under his wing.

James does not like my style of leadership and has said as much. I reminded him that I did not consider his actions as insubordination for saying he would be my overseer one day.

I informed James Rainport of my style.

In a perfect scenario, when soldiers are in formation and in a parade yard, I require absolute obedience and discipline. They are a single entity. When we defend or attack as a unit we work as such. No deviation from the big picture as directed.

Here lies the problem:
As far as we are from La Longi, individual problem solving is a must. Most of the time the guards and scouts need to work alone. This is not a textbook environment. Decisions need to be made instantly at times.

Given the nature of this understaffed assignment I regard a letter to a spouse stating a commitment of protecting the camp and a feeling of being overworked and underpaid valuable critical thinking. It demonstrates the ability to weigh things out and make these decisions in an undermanned perimeter.

I sent James on a patrol around Northwich with several men.
The patrol will be in clover leaf pattern.

There were sounds in the night and there have been for weeks. Light seems to keep a lot of night critters at bay.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

1 thought on “Brothers Campfire Interception-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 22

  1. herbthiel says:

    I would expect Beast’s specialized abilities to be an asset in finding the source(s) of the night sounds.
    As to the soldier, James did well in reporting it and you did well in sending it. It would be insubordination if he did not perform his duties.


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