I have heard it said that if a man throws stones at you, you should build something with them.

They wanted the Beast out in a hurry. Those stones weren’t the type I wanted to build with.

They wanted the Beast dead. His holding cell would not keep him safe for long.

I have known the Beast nearly all of my life. He is my friend. I appealed to the King to let me take him to the Northern Lands. In other words, permanent exile.

The King agreed and permitted me to take several newly trained scouts and guards.

There was a catch. I preserve the life of my friend on the condition that I take a group of hardened criminals with and oversee the building of an encampment with them, far away from La Longi.

So, I went to Silent Gallows where the Beast was and began recruiting. La Longi has two dungeons, the other being Last Rites Gatehouse. Many of my “volunteers” came from Last Rites.

I presented my list of ne’er do well to the king of La Longi. The trip was financed by the king.
I will be on the lookout for opportunities that benefit the interests of the Kingdom of La Longi.

For introduction, I am Brother, a freedman. I am a veteran of a few battles and I am loyal to the Kingdom of La Longi. I train watchmen and city guards for the king.

This new assignment was a little bigger than what I was accustomed to.

I was not given the title “Brother” as a compliment. I am a hard man in a hard world. I have a reputation for keeping order and enforcing rules.
Think Oh, Brother and you will get the idea. I heard it is a swear word in another language.
I am somewhat like a wall. Run into a wall and you will know it.

The criminals that I brought seem to have an order to things as well. On our way to our destination in the Northern Lands, a certain man in our party named Geoffrey Stein was missing from our accounting of everyone at the campfire.

There are some crimes so sick that the scum of the earth will not even tolerate them

We buried what was left of Geoffrey.

Upon reaching a predetermined destination known by a scout and myself,
I oversaw the construction of a small camp with makeshift huts with a large fire pit at the center. We agreed to call the camp Northwich.

There is evidence of a prior village.
I roughly knew of the place though I had never been here. The King’s Alchemist read in his ancient texts that there are potentially valuable resources here that are “otherworldly”.

I am not one to mince words in absurd folklore. If the King is financing a trip that gives the Beast a place to find a future other than a rope or worse, I am in.

I would ascertain that several hundred people lived in Northwich at one time. Those with me have said it looks like a dragon came and destroyed it.

Upon closer inspection of the structures built around the encampment, it was indeed unusual.
All of the wooden buildings are mostly burned to the ground. Initially, I thought bandits or a raiding party did this, but there are too many useful items here that could have been easily taken.
I suppose it will remain a mystery.

If you are unfamiliar with the area, the land north of La Longi is beautiful and forested. Plains rise into the foothills, and that is where Northwich lies.

When darkness falls, fire must be prepared to keep the creatures of the night at bay. The fire must never go out.

It is not safe to venture alone into the forest if you do not understand it. Especially at night.

Author: The Storyteller

Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down.

19 thoughts on “Northwich”

  1. Why hello there. Welcome. The forest is indeed difficult. It was no small feat to travel here upon the kings direction. I am greatful for the opportunity to settle here.

    The Brother.

    1. Ah, Northwich is my life. The fire needs tending and the Beast needs guidance. I have heard of such faraway places in the Bard’s songs.
      My heart and hands are ready to protect, fair lady, but the squabble of the 16 and the war drum of the Heron are the cause of my neglect to your request. Do, I pray, accept my most humble apologies.

      Your humble servant,
      Emerson Berengar

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