Brothers Campfire A New Beverage-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 2

I have been here for a while and I call Northwich home. I have sent messengers to update the King of our status. We have been productive and it is almost time to plant winter wheat and garlic. 

I am on hold about the special ” resource” I am supposed to be extracting from the area. The king seems content to have moved some of his problems off to Northwich.
I sit by the Campfire. The Campfire is the meeting place where decisions are made.
This morning, there was a striped hide rolled up and tied with a strip of leather where I sit.
It appears to be from the locals. They have been watching us quietly but have kept their distance. The hide has words from our language and other words I do not understand. I understand it to be a gift. It says, “for Beast.” There is an image made with charcoal of the Bard, the Beast and myself.
I suspect the Beast will greatly appreciate this. He is unaccustomed to honors or attention.

This is a good sign as well as to our potential interactions with the locals.
Every once in awhile a local will come and sit by the Campfire. I think they are drawn to the Bard.

He likes to sing. 
I haven’t seen Jeptha for a for a while. That is the Beast’s name. He stays out of the camp for long periods of time. I suppose he has met those we call the Forest People.
I enjoy today a heated beverage made from roasted and ground beans. I trade the locals for it. It is called in the local tongue, Coffee. 

TheThe locals have good taste in beverages. 

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

5 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire A New Beverage-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 2

  1. Benjamin says:

    You have spent the night in our camp.

    You may soon share in responsibility here. Everyone pulls their weight.

    Making coffee is an important task that is rotated.

    We place 4.5 ounces of the grounds in a prepared fabric bag and boil in around 8 cups of water until very dark in appearance. Whe coffee is prepared in batches so it does not burn.

    The Brother

  2. Mr Gnome (Etal) says:

    Java! Java!Java!
    Unsettling that a gift should appear, and for gnome-one to see the messenger.


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