Brothers Campfire A Beast Lurks? -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 3

It is afternoon.

The Beast is around I suspect. The hair raises on the back of my neck. I can almost smell him.

 I place the little gifts facing outward from the camp on trees when I receive them. They will disappear in the middle of the night when the Beast is more active. He will no doubt stash his treasure with the other trinkets he holds dear.

Jeptha or the Beast is misunderstood. He is fierce and sentimental. He is unrealistic in protecting what he cares about and he oversteps social norms at times. I think overall he has merit.

 I brought him here in hopes that he can start fresh. 

Jeptha is probably more creature than anything else. I never met his parents and have yet to see him sleep indoors. 

I feel a respectful distancing is of value in our friendship. The moon will be at a waning crescent. He should be moderately reasonable if he comes to camp.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

8 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire A Beast Lurks? -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 3

  1. Benjamin says:

    Hello, Herbert C. Thiel. You have a place with us. I see that you assisted in the watch in the early hours. Feel free to pick an abandoned building and make it yours. It is important to follow rules and guidelines set forth in the camp if you choose to stay.

    I have spoke with you and you have a sense of humor. Pick a stone house and build a roof if you wish. The burned down wooden places are not conducive to habitation.

    To answer your question
    The Beast chose to come of his own will.
    The forest has always drawn him.

    He was not convicted of a crime. Some influential inhabitants wanted him dead.

    I am not without influence and was able to convince both the king and The Beast.

    The Brother

      1. rue202 says:

        You’re welcome! So, I saw on Ryan Callahan’s blog that he said that your blog is all centered around this one story or something like that. I think that’s pretty cool.

        1. Benjamin says:

          Thank you! It is a historical narrative from the perspective of three main characters. A Bard, Beast and a Brother. It may help to think of it as a comic strip story line. Thank you for your continued interest!

          1. rue202 says:

            Ah! Thank you for explaining that. That helps put it all into perspective.

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