Brothers Campfire Plans 3/15/2020

Hello Friends!

I am busy writing a piece for the Ongoing Story of the Land of La longi. While I put the finishing touches on what I feel driven to write, I do want to maintain the discipline of posting regularly. 


Here is what is going on in my little world right now;

Tomorrow, I plan to walk fifteen miles with my beloved, and that is priority. Perhaps I can photograph our foray!

Kinda like this, but different.

Today, my friend, Lydia Potter, turned 18! Be sure to give her a hearty Happy Birthday on her blog! 

Image stolen from the internet and heavily edited. Umm… Thanks Lydia?
Happy 18th Birthday!

In other news,

Recently, I was talking to Sandra about birds and told her I made a few videos about them. 

One, Drama In The Quaint Village was an attempt at expression prior to officially putting this blog together. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Well, after our walk, I look forward to letting you know how it went!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

37 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Plans 3/15/2020

          1. Benjamin says:

            I am glad you have embraced it! I may write my sentiments about the topic for clarity. Have a blessed day!

    1. ashok says:

      A very happy and joyous birthday Lydia. Love and hugs 🎉💐🍷🤗🌹

  1. Tanya Sheik says:, hope you are doing good! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Hope you accept it. Thank You!


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