Like Pulling Teeth

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A Real One!

I found out a little to late in life that you aren’t supposed to block punches with your face.

When I was youth, I played a game called rope a dope when other kids picked fights with me.

I would stand there and get hit until the other guy lost his wind. I remember counting down from 20. Most of them got tired ….

Then it was my turn. I would wrestle them to the ground and they gave up quick.

That worked well for a long time until a boxer hit me and I was out cold on the floor.

My jaw still pops when I chew food from that one.

I have come to regret that style of communication as a youth, especially today.

I was in the dentist chair for around four hours today getting this fixed. Things are starting to catch up with me.

Dental work is not cheap. This one will cost a months’ wage. Fortunately, I have some dental coverage.

While I wait for a crown, I will be on a mechanical soft diet. Do your self a favor and learn from me. When they say “use your head”, dont do it like I did when I was younger.

51 thoughts on “Like Pulling Teeth”

  1. Yikes! Sounds painful, but alas, that does sound like an interesting game; I have never heard of it before.

    Best wishes on the recovery. Feel better!

  2. Dentists remain one type of professional I avoid at all cost. When they ring me for reminder, I have to say I have not saved up enough for a visit.

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