Brothers Campfire The Shepherd Shears a Sheep -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 199

The last anyone had heard from Shepherd’s Crook Man was when he took his sheep away in the night. 

Jeptha the Beast was the first to see him. 

“Shepherd’s Crook Man!” Beast proclaimed.

The tall thin balding man put his hands on Jeptha’s head. Jeptha Berengar, you are no longer Beast, you are Jeptha. 

” I know, Shepherd Man! I am Jeptha, not a Beast!” 

The Shepherd smiled. 

Jeptha continued.

“I am going to La Longi to forgive people and tell them how I think better now. I am going to live in La Longi in the house the king gave me. Are you going back to Northwich, Shepherd man?”

“No, Jeptha Berengar. I have a meeting with other shepherds North of La Longi. We will discuss a mutual concern. You see, the environment has changed a little and we must safely feed our sheep.”

Jeptha was confused as is usually the case with complex matters and it showed on his face. The Man with the Shepherd’s Crook changed the subject.

Have you been to Veigmanshire, Jeptha? I hear they have some beautiful pools of water and there is a knick knack shop with tiny treasures you can buy. Do you need any coin, Jeptha?”

“NO! Shepherd’s Crook Man! I maked lots of money selling pequin hides. I had my heart set on going to La Longi. I have never been to Veigmanshire before. I am too scary looking for most towns and I grew up on the outskirts. The Heron and the Ruetoohto believe I am yenaldooshi, an animal man. I have a house in La Longi”

The Man with the Shepherd’s Crook looked amused. “Why Jeptha, I wouldn’t say all that. You might do well to take a bath, but you’ll be fine.” His face took on a more serious air. 

“Jeptha, things are bad in La Longi, there is a reckoning day ahead.”


“Jeptha, the shepherds will have a meeting about it.  See the sights in Veigmanshire, we will handle it..”

“OK Shepherd Crook Man. I trust you.” 

With that, Jeptha Berengar took off on a dead run to the east. 

He was a little impulsive.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

16 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire The Shepherd Shears a Sheep -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 199

  1. herbthiel says:

    Impulsive? Yes, and impetuous and several other things. I am glad the man with the Shepherd’s Crook is back.

      1. Sanjana Singh says:

        Life’s been pretty busy actually now we are back to level 1. But a very nice feeling that for now it’s over in NZ and praying that we stay like this. How have you been? And how’s the ducklings

        1. Benjamin says:

          Hello, Sanjana! I am working many long hours! I am glad to hear things are looking better in New Zealand!
          The duckys are doing well, and I have posted a few videos on my YouTube.

          The demonstrations in Colorado have been relatively well ordered so that is good as well.

  2. rue202 says:

    Love it! I love how eager Jeptha was to help the Shepherd – so sweet 🙂


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