Brothers Campfire Knucklehead-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 43

Tonight a scout escorted a man bound from head to waist into camp. He was barefoot and had a hood affixed to his head. The scout removed the hood and left him secured. I do not recognize this man and he wont tell me what happened. He demanded that I let him go. He states that the laws of La Longi require it. I have no rebuttal for his statement. He is correct. There is no charge for being a knucklehead while bound.

( those are my words not his)

I am holding him in a cellar for now until I can determine what is really going on. He continued to yell from the cellar until I told him I would have my scouts look for who tied him up. I have provided him bedding, water, and a bucket.

I will look into this further in the morning.

I am at a loss for what to do. I really want to introduce him to 16 men on my crew who know a little about mysterious bound men. The men from the prisons in La Longi do not interact this way. They keep to themselves and are very respectful. I do not think he would last long with them.

That is not professional of course.

In other news, the Bard left Northwich. I wish him well. He did not tell me where he was going. He left on high spirits. I always enjoy his company.

Well, if you are going to stick around, will you add wood to the fire as it gets low? I have a meeting with The Man with the Shepherd’s Crook.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

2 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Knucklehead-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 43

    1. Benjamin says:

      War parties are a way of life for the Heron. I am sure there was a raid. I am not aware of what occurred. I do know that the man in the celler is not telling me at this time. My scouts have nothing to report.

      The Brother


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