Brothers Campfire See Ya-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 44

Coffee is made and the fire is built up. The days grow colder.

In recap, the Bard has elected to travel to La Longi for the time being. He has been quite entertaining to the locals and has given us very fond memories. The coin and notoriety of the Puking Peasant Inn are in his interest.

A scout returned this morning. Apparently the Heron tribe raided Penelope’s caravan south and west of Northwich. They captured the man I am holding and released him tied and with a bag on his head.

The man I am holding in the cellar is not talking. I have nothing to hold this man for and I will let him go. It is not a crime to say nothing and demand to be released. I want to set a precedent on how are our actions are defined here.

I am sure the nobility would be ok with me holding him as I have been given absolute authority over Northwich. I have a letter from the king demonstrating this. However, I determine it to be unreasonable to hold him.
Due to his uncooperative behaviour, I will not allow him to stay here.

Due to his uncooperative behaviour, I will not allow him to stay here.

We will be on the alert for Heron tribe activity. They do not typically fight with citizens of La Longi and have not harassed Northwich.

In my recollection, the Heron kill Pequin as they are dangerous. They also fight with other tribes.

Most of their war parties travel west. Penelope’s caravan was south of the Heron village when it was attacked.

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