Brothers Campfire Ahusaka’s Judgement-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 42

Ahusaka returned to his village with his adopted daughter, Wispy Sapling.

Magaskawee and Wispy Sapling’s mother cared for her as she felt ill.

A man skilled in herb preparation told Ahusaka she had a mix of bad medicine that put her to sleep. 

She was ok aside from chafing from being bound. The effects of the medicine would make Wispy Sapling sick until it wore off.

Ahusaka was still. He thought of his adventurous and outgoing daughter. She had been tricked and kidnapped, probably while drinking.

He envisioned her terror in the tightly woven bag.

It was apparent to Ahusaka a struggle ensued by the scratch marks on his captive. The medicine had been given after she was taken.

He averted his thoughts. They would impede his judgement. 

He was beside himself with fury and he knew it.

He had a captive. What he did with the man would influence the future actions of the Heron. 

As a young man, he would have had the answer.

Ahusaka was aware there was a world unfolding around him and customary methodology may be ineffective.

The warriors wanted sport of the captive. 

The women of the village were always excited to have a prisoner. 

It was decided.

Ahusaka would indeed make sport of the kidnapper.

A crowd assembled in the village. All were ready to see what Ahusaka would do. Word had spread overnight of the successful war party and rescue. 

Ahusaka raised his hand. He was well known amongst the Heron. He was silent and all waited. He composed his thoughts. 

“Today is a day of celebration. We have lost a daughter and she has returned. Initially, I concluded the yenaldooshi had run off with Wispy Sapling. The sign on the ground was not the yenaldooshi, but this man’s. He sought to harm her and sell her to another.
Skinwalkers have no reputation for good things.”

He looked at the caravan member who had kidnapped Wispy Sapling.

“Today you will be a skinwalker.”

The Heron men lashed the man’s hands behind his back and waist securely and tied a leather bag on his head with room to breath but no way to see.

“You would have sold my daughter but you are free, skinwalker.”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...