Brothers Campfire Handle Your Business-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 82

Northwich, La Longi, Heron Village

The coffee was dark and bitter. Emerson Berengar built the fire high.

He was wearing his Pequin armor and brought his shield and spear. 

He was not pleased about Gisbert’s assault by the Heron Warriors or the thief he had released earlier. The Heron men were demanding gifts at the fire and outlying homes. It must come to an end. The 16 had taught him the phrase,

” handle your business.” Today he would.

He sounded the horn and the men assembled at the campfire shortly afterwards. 

“Men, we are going to show force at the Heron camp. You will follow my lead. If we fight, it will be on my direction.There has been one too many negative interactions with the Heron and we will confront them.

The Men of Northwich were directed to report in in an hour.

Skip Maxwell, part owner of Penelope’s shop spoke up. “I don’t see why..”

Emerson stopped him mid sentence. ” Skip, you don’t see much most of the time. In one hour, be here ready for battle.”

The men could see Emerson was serious and there was no laughter.

Nicholas, the town watch was surprised.

 ” It would be nice if you warned me beforehand, Sir.”

Emerson was direct.

“Our level of preparation and readiness on the spot will determine the outcomes of our battles. Always have in mind that we could fight on a moment’s notice.”

The men reassembled and lined up. All aspects of the armour were inspected. 

Gisbert was sent home due to his injuries and was not at all happy about it.


Helushka, son in law to Ahusaka and husband of Wispy Sapling was alert. 

He heard the sound of wood striking on wood.

“Ahusaka, that is the sound of warriors. I do not recognize the song.”

Ahusaka stood and listened. “It is the war party of Northwich. 

They sing this four times in a moon.” 

Ahusaka was concerned. The sound was coming nearer. 

Ahusaka had used a bow and a spear with no small skill but preferred the spear and selected it from his weapons of war. He examined the black feathers below the point.

Younger men used the feathers as ornaments to display their exploits in battle or the hunt.

Ahusaka knew the original purpose. In the thick of much battle, the blood of  enemies flows down the feathers instead of the shaft. 

War was a way of life for the Heron. Ahusaka was respected for his wisdom and leadership in wartime. Proud and with resolve he walked to the village center. Gathered with weapons in hand were warriors at the ready. They heard the sound and knew what to do.

 He shouted his own name.


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