Brothers Campfire Reference-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 72

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Northwich, La Longi

Population 138

Treasury £2001

Temperature, 44 F

Has a cooler, dry winter semi arid climate, prone to chinook winds

Primary Exports: pequin hides,winter wheat, apples, grapes, pumpkins, squash.

Primary Imports: dried fish, fabric, metal tools, trade goods

Beautiful and forested at the base of the foothills and situated at the confluence of two creeks, the area is desirable with plentiful water, timber and stone. To the west is the Heron tribe and to the northeast are large numbers of Pequin that have desirable hides. There are many dangerous creatures in the forest north of the village.

There is one congregation of religious believers in Northwich.

The original village of Northwich was burned down in a failed experiment with thunderbirds and rebuilt by former criminals who were given plots of land to do so as payment.

There are many customs that influence the town. One is that it is considered rude to turn down a game of draughts. The people of Northwich are known to be friendly, but armed. All men of Northwich are required to attend drill once a week with the town watch.

The government of Northwich is authoritation. A council is held when deemed necessary for its people to voice their opinions. Rules are agreed upon by the citizens and recommended at the council for final implementation by the town head.

Notable People of Northwich, La Longi

Emerson Berengar, King’s Thane, Lord of Northwich. Prefers the title Brother

Netty Clementine Berengar

Wife of Emerson Berengar

Jeptha Berengar No courtesy title due to adoption. Known as Beast or the Yenaldooshi by the Heron

Galvin Rodion, a childhood friend of Emerson’s, known as The Bard.

Jeremiah Fugeiliasant 

Pastor of the Northwich Congregation

Called the Man with the Shepherd’s Crook by locals.

Brandyn Summers

The Dragon Tether Bed and Breakfast

Ardwin Crespin


Niles Ephus


Skip Maxwell

Mercer and part owner of Penelopes, a small general market.

Does not like weekly drill

Fordham Carver


John R

Settled in Northwich with his mother who is a skilled seamstress. He is an educated sawbones

A notable item he possesses is a jar that speaks

The 16 Founders of Northwich (The 16)

Wuldric Lanzarotta
Baldwin Mailer 

Village scribe

He has red hair and blue eyes and is a prankster
Nicholas Peralta 

Town watchman

A notable quote  “I don’t steal, I kill
Leonard Sasaki 

Artist, Apprentice Cartographer
Adam Oetinger
Eacharn Heckalman
Ruairidh Purcell
Herman Forstnerg
Oscar Hardish
Haldor Finnegani
Hugleikr Loudenslager
Wyot Lamalfort
Sanford Vance

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