General Gallio -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 179

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Today began with an epic breakfast to include bacon!

Yummy Bacon!

Today is a busy one for me. Watering the garden, feeding the animals and a 10 hour shift is going to leave me a little tired! I will say I am thankful I have a job.

While I have you here, I would like to extend another invitation to our Easter Service, April 12th, 2020 Mountain Standard Time Easter Service Link. It would mean a lot to me to know you attended on this special occasion.

It has been a few days since I have spun a tale about the Land of La Longi due to a real life story unfolding during these tough times. I made some coffee and built a fire. There is also tea in various flavors for your enjoyment.

Gather Round While I Spin A Tale Of The Land Of La Longi!
Artist’s Depiction Of Beast, Brother and Bard

General Gallio Cordius Ferentinus was a cunning man, having risen through the political and military ranks of Carsiolia, he had consolidated his power and influence in the capitol and was favored in many circles. His last influential rival, General Nicholas Peralta had been sold into slavery.

Nicholas Peralta

Upon conquering La Longi, he would be immortalized amongst the Carsiolians. 

His experience with the peoples of La Longi demonstrated his need to establish a food source through diplomatic means over force. 

A standing army could be a great strain on an area and the General had a plan. He needed protein for his men. While the wheat stores were in ample supply, He did not plan to run cattle through the standing winter wheat. It would devastate the supply. 

He had subjugated rural farming landscapes in the past by grazing cattle through standing wheat fields, but this was to be a long term campaign and he needed the buy in and support of the people. 

General Gallio opted to source dried fish from Khofi Springs to feed his troops and supplement the grain.

Dried Fish

It was light and easy to transport. At this point, he had created a flourishing economy in the region with his cash flow. It could be transported by boat or overland.

It was an excellent position of power.

Resentment toward the late Lord Rainport was clearly evident. The Rainports had mismanaged them causing dissent,leaving the area ripe for auxiliary recruitment. 

The culture of La Longi respected individual strength and heroism. He would exploit this weakness with formation and troop discipline.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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  1. Great tale.

    Be very thankful you have a job. I completely lost mine and I don’t apply for unemployment. Even though my job wasn’t enjoyable, I wish now, more than ever I had my job back.

          1. I feel so stupid. I thought the 10th was tomorrow. So this whole time, I’m the only one that didn’t complete the plan on time. I just did, but wow! I blew it!

          2. So, there was a bunch of songs and singing. This the guy PREACHED!!!!!!!!! I followed along in the Bible, and he read John 19:40-20:16.
            I would have to say the overall message was about hope and Mary.
            If I had to name the closing song, it would be “Jesus, You Change Everything” or “Show Us Your Glory”

          3. Very nice overview! I am so happy that you took the time to do this! The preacher is my pastor. The pastor’s wife did most of the singing. They are both from the south.

          4. I might just make it a weekly habit of mine. Down in the south, your service starts right when I get home from mine during lunch, so it totally works out!

          5. Yeah cuz you said something similar to that. Instead of “pick” you may choose a picture of your choice, or I can send you scary pictures of me and you can edit them to look even worse.

          1. u know i like chess but not good in cricket . i am bcom student and i thought i will start this way of work i am not talking much 🤔

          1. The apostrophe placement is plural possessive, so the campfire should belong to brothers. Maybe Mr. Storyteller is waiting to introduce us to some characters we haven’t met yet?

          2. Went through the spam folder and approved your comments, and comments from Brothers’ plural. It seems like you guys were the only ones in there, not sure why that was. I’ll look into it a little bit more, but if you ever have any problems in the future feel free to let me know. Thanks again for mentioning it.

          3. You asked of churches are open to the public in the U.S. That would lead me to think there are religious buildings in your country that are not open to the public.

          4. I meant as of now 🙂

            As far as I know, there is no religious place of any faith in India which restricts entrance.

            I have been to churches before.

          5. We are like family. Many of us have a job to do at the church. My dad, my wife and I run an overhead projector, I am an usher, and my dad teaches Sunday School. One of the children I know vacuums. Our church is always doing something throughout the week. We do have a pastor and he stays Constantly busy.

          6. That is interesting. So your family manages the church?

            I was just curious, aren’t Christians enraged at the depiction of the faith in the horror movies? Strange scenes like a ghost turns around Crosses on the walls and enters rooms, or sometimes even burns crosses. But I realise it makes it interesting. It would be strange to have a ghost die in the first ten seconds of the movie 😦

          7. We are invested in the church. There are many who are committed to it’s success. We are a tiny part. Movies are irrelevant to reality. We love Jesus and others want the experience we have.

          8. That’s nice.

            I agree, movies are irrelevant, but even though I am not a christian I find it quite strange. Some movies even have ghosts in churches. 🤔

            But I realise that it doesn’t matter to the believers. The non-believers can do whatever they want.

          9. Thank you for the Easter greeting. I agree the Spirit of God is everywhere. When God’s people assemble themselves together in prayer, He descends in a powerful way you can feel in a spectacular way. We call it a move of the Holy Ghost.

          10. We don’t need temples churches etc. To feel god. They are just places to gather and worship. God is within, and can be found everywhere in the world.

          11. I agree. We are all free to believe as we wish.

            I am in no way questioning importance of shrines.
            Collective prayer is very powerful.

          12. There is a spiritual world. We are spiritual people. There are the ministering spirits of God and there is the devil and his angels. I do believe in the spiritual, but only adhere to God’s Spirit.

          13. Oh yes, the devil is indeed very sly. He is weak. But he turns men against themselves.

            He is named Satan I believe.
            Hindus call him kali.

          14. I was just curious about the email I got from Mr. Herb, and clicked on it. It was an accident that I joined the plan. I am not really going along with it.
            I just read it when I have some free time.

  2. Sounds like a smart guy. Maybe La Longi should just surrender, as the strain on their economy due to conducting a prolonged war would be significant. Honestly, this guy might be a better leader than what they currently have anyway.

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