Brothers Campfire For The Love of Wheelbarrows

Hello Friends!

My wheelbarrow is quite useful for all of my urban farming needs.

This is an easy day. Typically it has rock or sand in it.

I like to utilize preventive maintenance when I can. Today, I am filling my wheelbarrow wheels with tube sealant to fill the holes while on the job. Nails, staples, goatheads, and other sharp objects can take you out of commission and I really dislike that. I use slime in my bike and barrow tires before I even need it. I have been told that it will make for a bumpy ride and rust out the rims, but I have not experienced this yet.

To use the slime, it must be inserted in the tire. Here is my method.

When tou take the protective cover off of the valve stem there is a little valve as pictured below.

We Will Be Taking The Little Round Circle Out With A Tool.

There is a cap on the bottle of slime that has a tool inside. Gently place the cap on top of the valve until it is seated on the sides of the valve. It will fit deeper inside when it is correct.

If you are not relatively careful, the tool may break. It is plastic.

I did not notice until posting. It says “tool” on the tool.

Turn the tool counter clock wise and to the left to loosen the valve. It should turn smoothly. If there is a lot of air in the tire, you will hear a hissing sound. Wait untill the hissing is done and let the air out. Once, I did not and the valve flew through the air. (I lost the part!)

The Tire Valve

On the bottle of slime is a paper tab under the cover. Remove the tab and screw the cover back on. The slime should have a little tube that attaches to the valve housing and the bottle.

For this wheelbarrow, I will use about half of the slime. The directions will tell you how much to use.

Green Slime! Yess!

After removing the hose attachment, rethread the valve inside the stem. In the picture below, there is a thin piece sticking out of the valve. This needs to be facing you when threading. Use the tool and turn to the right.

When you have secured the valve, refill the tire with air.

I like for the slime inside to be evenly distributed in the tire. Turn the wheelbarrow upside down and spin the tire around. It is fun!

Thank You for reading my tutorial! I hope it helps someone. As always, you are welcome to the Campfire!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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  1. Mike says:

    This was the most perfect tutorial ever, and I don’t even have or plan to use slime in the near future.


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