Cars, Toilets,and Gardens

Hello, Friends!

Yesterday, my car was overheated and I pulled over immediately. I am glad I did and my car is still at H H Tires where I dropped it off. So far, they have been honest and forthcoming with me.

HH Tire Reviews

Travis made me aware that my radiator is busted and I need a new thermostat.

Because of social distancing, I did not wait and I am glad, because they still have the vehicle hours later!

With this time, I walked to Walmart where to purchase toilet paper. On my way, I passed Big O Tires service center.

I do not think much of them. Here is my google review.

Anyway, to Walmart I went. I was slightly amused at a man pushing a shopping cart up and down the aisles, cursing on the phone as he went. He was annoyed with the amount of customers in the store. He was still there when I left with the much needed softness. Our napkin stash was quite abrasive.

I began the long walk home, bounty in hand, following the track marks.

My journey home continued and I was flushed. I took the plunge and leaped accross, nearly wiping out!

I remembered my elders being upset about misuse of toilet paper when I was a kid. With the lack of available product. I can see why. When you are out, you are out, and this is a big deal.

And here I am, complaining about napkins.

Once home, I was applauded as a hero for making the porcelain throne great again.

While at Walmart, I also purchased peas and planted them. Hopefully, they come up soon!

Thanks For Stopping By Today, Friends!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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          1. Yes it is and it’s kind of a mess because they can’t frequently wash their hands and the city has been confiscating their personal belongings as usual meaning they were left more suspectable for the disease. Currently they’re moving them to auditoriums, churches and stateproperties although the problem is still far from being resolved.. pretty sad

          2. I can’t complain, there are many people who come to visit me and bring me presents just because I’m so cute 😉 How about yourself?

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  1. I am lost. Great questions, Lydia. I do not like the way the rules are presented for the award. I am going to tweak them a little more to my liking when I nominate others.

          1. 🙄
            Is “it” a preposition? I know you’re not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition. Your dad made that a joke on his “about” page. I died laughing. He used the word “in” for the last word and yeah! AWESOME SAUCE!

          2. Ok. Sympathy is when you feel badly, sorry, or compassionate about what a person is going through. Empathy is not just caring, but for real knowing what a person is going through and feeling it. Example: my mom dies. You feel sorry. That’s sympathy. Empathy is my mom dying and you can relate because your mom died too.

    1. Well, lighting fires can be a liability if you are not careful. Growing vegetables is nearly always profitable for me. Raising animals is expensive, but keeps us in hard times if there is a shortage of things. For instance, I have recently posted a lot of egg dishes, but eggs are not always available due to shipping concerns during these tough times. Great Question!

          1. Hopefully.
            I was trying to plant some green grams today. They grow quite fast, from my past experience. But my soil seems really infertile. (It is a small pot)
            Any ideas for making it better?
            Under lockdown, it is impossible to buy manure or fertiliser.
            Would something like wet strips of thin paper or whole wheat flour work? Or maybe small amounts of ashes?

          2. I am not sure what green grams are. Please leave me a link for reference. Coffee or tea water has small amounts of nitrogen to my knowledge. There is no nutritional content in paper for your plants. Ashes are good in very small amounts, but will burn your plant.

            Is your plant growing yet or is it still in the ground? If your plant has not even grown, the seeds could be bad.

            If you email me a picture of the dirt, I possibly can help, but no guarantees.

          3. Well green grams are mostly found in Asia. I guess you won’t know about them.
            I just sowed the seeds a few hours ago, so it has obviously not grown yet.
            I added small amounts of ash and flour and paper, and the soil looks a million times better. The texture has rather improved. I think it will grow now. If it doesn’t I will share the soil pics to see if you have any idea.

            I guess the seeds are good enough. I didn’t buy them for sowing, they are used in some dishes so were already kept at home. I have grown them before with far worse seeds. But everytime for some reason or the other, it couldn’t fully mature. This time I hope it will.

          4. Sure!
            Sadly I have but one pot. This is a great time to start a mini farm.

            Maybe come up with a catch tagline and start a movement asking people to grow plants whilst maintaining social distancing.

  2. My order of wild flower & loofah seeds arrived (from England!) so I need to get on a gardening mood soon.

    I love the tp adventure! I still haven’t found any.

          1. Yeah.right,my dear!!why tear on corona if we all have take our best care.yeah.we should do to try some helps for victims.when i laugh then automatically be silent because of this devil coronavirus and think about how i can help for victims.

        1. Stick with the variety that works in your soil. If you have a chance to cross pollinate the flowers of the successful plants, this variety of plant will be more likely to succeed in your soil type. I really like these gardening questions!

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