A Few Thank Yous

Hello friends!

Under restricted movement, we have had some of the yummiest food ever! This is how I was fed yesterday. 

A whole goose egg is a meal in itself. Thank you beloved.

Great Texture And Wonderful Flavor!

The best homemade sandwiches in the world

Brown rice with chicken and vegetables

Like a Rice Pot Pie!

Peach Strawberry Blueberry Cobbler with Butter Pecan Ice Cream!

Most Of The Ingredients Were From The Dollar Store!

Thank you Beloved!

In other news, over 800 people have gathered around the Campfire. Thank you!

This Guy Is A Nomad!
I know a little about Campfire. Gather Round And Hear A Tale!

In addition, this is the first month I have ever reached 10,000 views! Thank you as well, Friends!

Wow! Thank you for investing in me. You are the kindest!

I have been playing a GPS Game that is low impact on precious time and would like to thank Geo Realms Team Texas for inviting me into the Family. Everything is Big in Texas!

I’ve been sent to spread the message. God Bless Texas!
Walkimg, I Have Conquered 287 Castles!

Team Texas

They Go Big Or Go Home!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

99 thoughts on “A Few Thank Yous”

          1. India might remain relatively unscathed compared to the other nations, if the lockdown is fully implemented. We just crossed 1000 cases yesterday. But the growth is slowing down as the fifth day of lockdown ends.

          2. Only if you want. I would like to know the population as well. Somwhere under 1000. You can pick your spot as well. I will give it an eastern look

          3. The name could be Vijaypura (means town of victory in sanskrit), population of 1008.

            I wonder what Eastern look in your perspective is? People hold many inaccurate notions of India. I can suggest a position after taking a look at your map

          4. Maybe add a huge temple at the centre. One huge house belonging to the sarpanch (Head of village). Houses in clusters. Huge farms. Cows and buffalloes kept for milk(not eaten). Some hens. Other than that, few animals are kept, since Indians have predominantly vegetarian diets. A pond, and a huge banyan tree under which meetings are held.

          5. Yeah sure.
            Also one more thing, I suggest making a small school called ‘gurukul’ where children get training in all walks of life and are taught the ancient scriptures.

            It is your story, and I am just giving suggestions, so it is completely your decision how you implement it.

          6. It is difficult in a country like India to walk around whilst avoiding other people.
            The world’s second largest population in the 7th largest nation is just too much.

  1. You’re eating better in isolation than I eat at a restaurant!! I gave up cooking long ago… the effort wasn’t worth it for me. Yesterday my meals were: jerky, grape nuts, some melon, and peanuts.

          1. It changes frequently but I think I’ll say eggs benedict. I haven’t had them in well over 2 years. i tried to get them at a brunch last year but they had sold out already.

        1. Thank you A.S.! I bring the cost up due to some hilarious accusations that I am wealthy. That is simply not true. What is true is investing in those you love is the greatest wealth! Thank you for your kindness, friend!

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