Cringeworthy Cringing at Brothers Campfire

I am Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire.

There are times where you cannot take away the cringeworthy.

The other day, my daughter told me that she was missing her favorite pen. The last time she saw it was with her journal.

Like her father, she is an avid writer but uses cards and notes as a primary outlet of creativity. If you are anywhere in her circle, she has written you a note with a few thoughts jotted down.

I wrote quite a bit as a teenager and young adult and I have a box of notebooks that she is dying to read. They contain notes from sermons, notes for potential sermons and a lot of personal touchy-feely stuff. I am more than happy for her to have them as insecurity about them is fading.

Journals have value. If either of my children have thier eye on one, I pick it up. A quality journal can increase writing value in my honest opinion.

I believe this so much that when journals were not available for the offenders at work, we got approved vendors from the outside to obtain them. Writing has merit.

Anyway, as an update from a previous post, I received my evaluation and it was pretty good, describing me accurately.

My supervisor is amazing. She has provided a lot of tools for personal growth and development as I seek opportunities to step into roles that require broadened outlooks.

In one of our recent conversations, my supervisor explained the difference between equity and equality. I may write more about the topic sometime as I grow to understand this concept in an academic way.

My boss is the best I have had since 1997 when I got my first job and so has broad access to my Rolodex and any resources I have.

I gave a definition as Pixabay had no clue what I was talking about.

What Pixabay Thinks A Rolodex Is

That all being said, I offered to get patches sewn on the bosses’ uniform.

In Colorado Springs, home of Fort Carson army base, the local dry cleaners have lots of experience in such things and I know a guy. My work has similar rank system and my supervisor is a captain.

Well, I dropped the shirt and patches off and went on to church.

I was sitting there praying when I was tapped on the shoulder to answer a question in the back about an usher concern.

My thoughts went to the lost and found. There was a journal!

I was sure it was my daughter’s and I told one of my friends.

He smiled mischievously and recommended that I write “I ❤️( boy’s name)” inside of it, then ask her about it.

It was a grand idea! In my best handwriting I wrote, “I ❤️” and put scratch marks as if I had crossed out a name.

I took the journal to the front where my daughter was and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Is this yours?” I asked.

“No.” She opened the journal somewhere in the middle and flipped through a few pages.

“This isn’t anything like my handwriting dad.”

“Oh, I thought you were missing a journal.”

“No, I am missing a pen. I have my journal.”

I returned the journal to the lost and found.

The owner or her father will be quite perplexed at the “I ❤️(name)” written inside.

We had a good laugh about it, but I am still very embarrassed.

Moving on, my connections had completed their work on my supervisor’s shirt and my Beloved picked it up.

They had sewn the patches on wrong!

Scrambling, I texted my supervisor.

You know, there are times where you cannot take away the cringeworthy and you just have to move forward.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

26 thoughts on “Cringeworthy Cringing at Brothers Campfire

  1. Greg Taniguchi says:

    Wow, you’re lucky to have a boss like that, the last two companies have worked with were with the founders. One was a euro douchebag, the other a sociopath, haha.

  2. Barbara says:

    Nice! I hope they understand.

    Just wanted to let you know I received the email. After so long it is refreshing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A sermon
    took me as a child
    and as an adult
    lulled to sleep

    also my guilt of sin
    could me
    the priests
    not take away

    1. Gamma Hans says:

      Guten Tag

      diese Antwort
      habe ich Ihnen
      zukommen lassen

      Ich grüße
      Sie freundlich

      Hans Gamma

  4. kagould17 says:

    A good boss/supervisor is hard to find. I had 13 bosses in my career, but only 2 good ones. From that point on, I made up my mind to be a good boss, if I ever got the chance. Did your daughter ever find her pen. Stay well Benjamin. Allan

    1. Benjamin says:

      A good boss is hard to come by. I do my best to be a good supervisor as well. Unfortunately, she never found her pen. Have a beautiful day!

  5. mattsnyder1970 says:

    A journal can be sacred, I feel for the recipient of your foolishness. If I found my journal in the lost and found at church it would make me mistrust the church/parishioners for the bizarre entry. When you found out it wasn’t your daughters, you should’ve noted an apology in that journal, as innocent as it appears, it could open a major can of worms.

        1. Benjamin says:

          Sounds good Matt. I do it that in case someone googles your name to get traffic.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hey Matt, just went back to the lost and found and did exactly that about 5 minutes ago!


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