Brothers Campfire Bee Love Award I&II

Hello friends! I suppose today is fitting to notify you that I have been nominated for the Bee Love Award twice within a short time period.

Here is who nominated me!

Tanya Sheik, the Budding Spark, was nominated by the Rising Star. I actually found this an amusing play on words. She did not make it clear as to why I achieved this high esteem, but I am very thankful!

Prajjidna Daliman in quite upfront and in mechanical fashion explains why I attained such greatness! 

He states,

“The reason why I started this blog because I love the WordPress Community. Just like this award, it links to fellow bloggers’ sites who are being nominated. Thus it will increase the site’s rank and the traffic to the fellow bloggers’ site. Great way to connect and help each other.”

I appreciate his approach by articulating his brand of loving expression. It is honest.

Anyways, with such things are guidelines. 


1. Attach the Bee Love Logo on the top.

2. Ping back to me. 

3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you. 

4. Nominate your fellow blogger ( shower your love through this award)

Though it does not say it in the guidelines, I am supposed to give my definition of love.

I believe I have a pretty grounded perspective of love from the Bible. Jesus is the ultimate demonstration of love when he died for our sins on a cross. 

With priorities now in their place, I will give a brief outlook on love from the perspective of the Brother, the Bard, and the Beast.

Brother’s perspective of love  is practical. He adopted the Beast into the family because he felt it was the right thing to do. In the fictional world of La Longi, Northwich and a handful of criminals are imposed upon Brother. He chose to man up to these challenges and commit his life to their care. It is ingrained in him to create a place of structure and safety for those in need.

He demonstrates love in his action, and not everyone sees this, especially his wife Netty.

He does make an honest attempt at writing a love letter.

The Bard sees love as manipulative. He knows coin can be acquired through flowery words and wit. Women in the story swoon over him and he knows it. He does have a level of compassion for others as evidenced in his relationship with Violet in Painted Places. In this story, he put his scheming for coin and popularity aside to encourage someone in need. The likelihood of a in depth relationship is low.  

The Beast Is raw emotion. His love for Wispy Sapling was expressed in spending time and making handcrafted gifts for his beautiful and valued treasure. Having lost his prospective bride to a Heron man, he deeply mourns her loss and carries a shell she gifted him. He didn’t fight because the quest for her heart had already been lost and he did not wish to kill an innocent man. Currently, the forest, and his cat, Moonshine  are his company and companionship.

At this point in the award process, I am asked to nominate others.

Who Do I Nominate?

As I see expressions of love written, I will nominate. I think this award needs to stay in context to the intention of the creator of it. 

Thank you, Tanya Sheik and Prajjidna Daliman for the nomination. Happy Valentine’s day, friends!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

25 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Bee Love Award I&II

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you friend! There are real life times when I think about the umbrella story you wrote.

      1. A.S. says:

        That is the sweetest thing to be said, I am really glad and honored to know that you liked it so much. There’s nothing else that would give a writer more pleasure than knowing that her work has an impact, no matter how small.
        So THANK YOU Ben, I am grateful. 🙏🥰😊❤

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you! I appreciate your consistent likes and comments. They are wonderful!


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