Brothers Campfire At Home-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 51

Wife, Children.

Emerson Berengar was happy to be home.

His wife, Netty Clemantine Berengar was overjoyed to see him. Hannah and Caydon were beside themselves with joy. Their father had returned.

Netty had purchased a percolator for Emerson as a gift. It was a cooking implement meant for preparing coffee in a covered pot. She hoped he would like it.

Emerson had brought his wife spices and beaded handicrafts from the Heron, a dagger for his son from a slain bandit and he brought large bird quills for his daughter to write with. He had travelled fast and light. He would be meeting with the king soon and wanted to be ahead of schedule. Brothers punctual brought problems aplenty with the pukes in the palace.

He chuckled to himself. He sounded like Galvin the Bard.

Brother’s wife was ready to go to the northern frontier. She filled their oak chest with warm clothing,her keepsakes and mementos. After his meeting with the king, they would be on their way with a wheeled cart pulled by their donkey, Wilfred.

Emerson’s daughter, Hannah was well established in La Longi and did not have the same ambition her mother had to move North.

Writing supplies would be necessary for her.

Caydon, his son was already fighting Pequin in his imaginary battles. Emerson could see that Caydon had been in a few scraps in reality as evidenced by darkness around one eye.

Emerson was black and white. Rules were rules. Practical was the order of things. Romance came hard for him. He loved his wife and wanted to express it.

Romance to Emerson was an art form that required diligent observation and practice.

He had written a letter to his wife, but was unable to find the appropriate way to present it without being awkward. Dealing with hard men was Brother’s forte.

A year had changed Emerson quite a bit. Netty remembered him as a little pretentious and image conscious. Emerson would ensure he had the best city watch gear and everything had to be just so.

As she looked at her husband she saw windburn and smelled woodsmoke. He was clean shaven, but looked rough and ready.

Emerson had lost a solid twenty pounds. He did not look like a king’s thane. She would convince him to lose the ridiculous coat he was wearing before he saw the king. She was embarrassed that he had went to the palace looking the way he had. She would send him properly attired in the morning.

Netty saw the envelope and opened it.


Words cannot describe the affection I have for you. I wrote this you while working on Northwich.

I made good choices, I made some awful choices, but you held on to me for some reason.

My wife, my beautiful bride, I trust you. Who can write that down, who can take that to the bank?

Well, Me. When I go to work every day, I sleep well knowing you paid our taxes and managed the property in La Longi.

You do nice things for me, even though I am aloof, a stickler at times.

You get up in the middle of the night to check on my children. You can hear a sound all the way in the cellar.

You obsessively searched for the perfect furnishings for our house.

God has blessed your efforts. You make clothing for my son and daughter.

You take in those that have nothing and mother them. You bargain at the market, buying winter clothes in spring, and summer clothes in fall. The clothing always fits the children just right in the appropriate season.How do you do that? You sell things at the market when times get tough. You are not afraid to get dirty or fight for your family.

Several times, You have covered me from danger with a bow when the pirates attacked from the bay.

Don’t get me started about the dogs in the path.

When they came, you would not get behind me, but fought along with, risking your life.

You have never left my side facing death itself in whatever form.

Often, you are counseling someone. You are wise beyond your years. Sometimes I sit and listen to sweet wisdom pour out of your lips.

I have heard that beauty is vain, and a praised women is one that fears the Lord. I am blessed to have a spouse that serves the Lord and who is beautiful.

In Northwich, when I speak of you and men raise the eyebrow in disbelief or slink back in their work areas wishing they were me. I am proud to have you as a companion, a friend, and lover. I look forward to going to Heaven with you.

You kindly ask that I give you some space when we get there, and I understand.

Your Loving Husband,

Emerson Berengar.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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