Working Hard At The Homefront

Hello Friends!

So we got snow the other day, around a month early. As I write this in the cool of the day, it is a toasty 80 F here in Widefield/Security, Colorado. They say if you do not like the weather, wait 15 minutes.

I wonder why the snow didn’t stick there.

In anticipation for the winter, I have already scheduled for my sprinklers to get blown out. My experience with sprinklers is that you can’t be too cautious. I am already on a waiting list and probably should have called sooner.

I have been finding a lot of amusement out of my ducks this year. Earlier in the season, I started putting coffee cans in the low spots where the duckys dig on the mud. These little catchbasins get bigger as they dig around. When it rains It accumulates puddles of water for them.

Note the red coffee can.. Or just enjoy a puddle on the semi arid

It did not take me too long to become tired of these in my yard so I backfilled and focused on what grown boys and Khaki Campbell ducks long for… A big mud puddle.

My duckys are in a row

Since that photo, they have dug the edges looking for worms, grubs and other ducky delicacy and it has grown considerably from it’s humble beginnings. For those of you concerned, they get fresh water daily.

Next month, they will be ready to lay! I may not get results until spring, but we will see.

The ducks seemingly eat nothing that I feed them. I wonder if these excellent foragers are what is causing a mass extinction of insects.

An insect free yard beats a duck free yard any day. This is the first year that I have not lost any birds to unrestrained dogs. Good fences make good neighbors.

I am on a lick your face basis with Ozzy, also known as brown dog.

The geese now, they eat about a pound of food a day between the two of them. I planted a plot of wheat to cut my costs over winter. We will see how it goes. I made deep furrows as we live in a dry area.

Well folks, I had to work today both here and with the incarcerated. Tomorrow is coming way too soon. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

67 thoughts on “Working Hard At The Homefront”

      1. Most of the cats are well. Feral who was spayed this morn bit & clawed me up pretty bad. She’s outside now. I hope her stitches didn’t rip!

        Everyone else is well. Toonces is MIA again… will hopefully return in the middle of the night.

        I passed my C++ exam. Got a couple pages into my next class before being overwhelmed with cat rescues.

          1. Thanks. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t smarter about the cat last night (gloves, and checking it’s location before opening the trap), and that I didn’t trap the kittens earlier. All I can do is learn from the experiences and hope for the best!

  1. Big boys and their fun. Although I think everybody can enjoy mud puddles to some degree….. Ducks are awesome

    1. They have grown, that is for sure. Snow is cool for many reasons. We have squirrels that can carry a plague. When it gets cold, the sick ones die. This keeps us a little safer.

          1. As far as I know, yes. It may be another deadly strain as well. This one is lethal. It is not common, but still something to be wary of. I believe it is fleas that carry it.

      1. I’m posting another video tomorrow, but the podcast itself will be just audio, most of them are and the videos are too stressful haha

          1. Earlier our state controlled Covid by break the chain process but now a days it increased and India is getting high counts day by day above 90 K every day !! Thank you for your interaction. Have a great day !! How is the situation there ? !! 😀🌹

          2. In Colorado, we are doing a pretty good job with safety measures. I look forward to when we can put this past us. Sunithanthosh, it is my pleasure to interact with you, silly!

          3. You are right, safety measure are the only way to protect ourselves, we can positively look forward for the best results of new vaccines !! Stay blessed and take care !! 🌹

  2. Wow snow and then 80 degrees lol crazy

    Cool ducks – my grandfather used to raise pigeons. They were really cool – we used to race them which sounds boring but was really cool and exciting lol

    1. Hi Lisa. I walk the rural areas on the outskirts of Colorado Springs solo quite frequently. The chance for me to encounter an aggressive dog is moderate.

      If you look back on my last post, to unfriendly people sicked their dog on me, perhaps thinking I was homeless. My friendliness afforded an opportunity for the dog to react differently than originally intended by the owner.

      While I expressed a lot of negative views primarily about dogs that are unrestrained, I own a mini Aussie and am on a lick your face basis with 5 other dogs.

      The ducks now, we are close.
      Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. Don’t be a stranger.🤠🔥🙋

        1. Lisa, Working in a prison has worn some of the shine from my conversation. The last few days have been quite tough. Perhaps you would be willing to see past the rough edges in my conversation at times. You are a guest, friend, and I want you to virtually visit often from your corner of the world. I apologize for my tone. I hope the rest of your week is beautiful! 🤠🔥

  3. When I was younger, I wanted snow. Growing up in a coastal city, it snowed about once every 15-20 years. Most of the time, it wasn’t much.

    Think it was somewhere between 1970 – 1973 winter where we had a decent accumulation. I know where we lived at the time. The city didn’t have snow plows because they weren’t needed. Life went on like it hadn’t snowed. Think it was around 6″. This was after spending a year in Nederland, Colorado where I had lots of snow.

    In Wichita, the school district would probably close the schools now for that little snow.

    1. I like the amount of snow accumulation where I live. I would say that two or three times a winter we can go sledding locally. In. October, 1997 we got more snow than we knew what to do with! That was a crazy snowstorm.

      I live near the foothills. The mountains seem to get a lot more precipitation.

      Thanks for sharing friend! I always like when you drop by!

      1. Wichita winters are hit or miss with snow. It can range from none, a little bit to a fair amount. I pass by an overpass and some winters I see kids sledding or using a shield like device. Unfortunately, drivers forget how to drive in snow. I remember a few years ago, there were 400 wrecks during the first snow. A fraction of wrecks for the second one. The third snow saw 200 wrecks.

        I appreciate your posts. I can enjoy the snow from afar.

          1. It’s because the drivers forget from year to year on how to drive on snow and ice. I rarely got much snow in my hometown, but in the early 1980s, I moved to northwest Kansas and my uncle gave me plenty of tips on how to drive on snow and ice. The town was 20ish miles from the Colorado border and 20 miles from the Nebraska border. My first winter there we were cut off from the rest of the world with 8′ snow drifts. It took the state and county 3 days to plow a route to the town. It was also the first time I experience -20 F temps with wind chills of -50 and -70 F. I met frostbite both days. I didn’t lose any fingers or toes, but it killed my cold tolerance and made me more susceptible to future frostbite who became a BFF. The interesting thing is the town didn’t shut down with the 8′ snow drifts. Locals cleared the streets with tractors and the town had road graders help out.

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