Brothers Campfire on Word Pirates.

EDIT/ADD 9/19/20 – Since this theft was posted, Mr. Hamson replied to my communication and removed the post from his site.

Hello Friends! I am going to address an individual by the name of Ned Hamson for using intellectual property as his own. Now you may think me mean, but I have tried several other venues to get through to this individual without success.

Good Ole Ned Hamson from Second Hand Line Of The News has been working hard on the homefront just like Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire.

Benjamin From Brother’s Campfire

He did such a great job emulating me, I thought it was me. Check this out.

Wait… That’s my back yard. Ole Ned just up and took my story, around 9 minutes after I posted it. He took credit for the material and even has it set up to reblog from his site.

Working Hard At The Homefront

I reached out to Ned several times and asked for him to credit my work and he did not respond.

Ned Ned Ned, your website says you are a nice guy interested in fairness. Perhaps your addiction to sharing other folks intellectual property fits into your worldview.

Ned, if you can hear me, lets sort this out. You dont really want to be me. Why look at you in all of your awesomeness.

I wonder if the content belongs to Ned Hamson

You, friend, are an advocate for human rights and a researcher.

Ned, do us all a favor and credit us for our work. I don’t want to file an abuse complaint to WildWestDomains because you are taking credit for the hard work of my WordPress friends. Lets clean that up, shall we?

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

204 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire on Word Pirates.

  1. herbthiel says:

    Well said! Much better than I could have done. Yes, you can file a complaint with his registrar. It’s illegal.

    1. Hannah Calintina says:

      Amen sir!🙏🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

    1. Benjamin says:

      Shanessa, in broad strokes, everything that you create is yours. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  2. Lia says:

    You do this so beautifully Brother!! Kudos. 🙌

      1. Lia says:

        Ay matey, well tip me over with a q-tip. You’ve given me a smile today. Anchors away!

          1. Lia says:

            Ahaha love it!! Thank ye kindly, sir Pirate. :))

          2. Lia says:

            Awww how cool! These lines in the poem were meant metaphorically, i.e. creating whatever art is each person’s method of “singing,” in this case; but sometimes I wish everyone would share a link to a sample of their actual singing. Takes guts though, and maybe a campfire setting. ;)) Thanks Brother, your comment’s inspiring. 👍🏕🔥🎶🤟

          3. Lia says:

            Saw your reply through notifications and thought it was on the post you’d commented on! What a mixup, apologies haha.

          4. Lia says:

            Would be honoured if you wood! Thank you very much for that, it could be fun, it really could. :))

          5. Lia says:

            There is no schedule, all is whimsical. :))

          6. Lia says:

            Ha!! (starts tuning axe 🎸) 😆

          7. Lia says:

            Wow, finally could listen to it – won’t work on my phone. :)) A young lady’s voice singing Amazing Grace, a capella by your campfire. Lovely. 💛 Thanks for sharing. :))

          8. Benjamin says:

            Lia, thanks for listening. That young lady is near and dear to me. When will you send your voice this way so we can hear it at the Campfire?

          9. Lia says:

            Such a sweet invitation, and I’ll be honest, and say I’m really not sure. Thank you though. I’m sure your readers will love to hear yours. :))


    Interesting words Bro. Please tell others regarding this post . Intellectual Rights pertains to copyright of purchase material receiving payment. This post you mention are you receiving money to a Registed Company? G
    Giving Credits is considered materialistic with personal self interest groups . Why would any humanitarian feel unsavoury towards any human . Long after an author has gone home to the Lord why not give to humanity profound wisdom writings to the future generations. The Lord all mighty prayed Our Father in heaven…. we were taught as children to practise freely. There are no credits or copyright on those powerful words spoken to and for the human race to cherish. My heart broke today reading this post. Perhaps, God had a tear running on his hands too. Buddhism teaches us to give, not to worship ourselves. To wear one pair of shoes is godly. Giving your knowledge to the world is selfless. Wisdom is not learnt. Wisdom are lessons gifted to humanity. WordPress has become a resource for the future generations to come . Trillions of folk read anything from weather-bitten flee information , countless stories from all countries around our blessed planet. We note lately thirteen year old children are blogging in third world countries. They are the youth of tomorrow learning from seasoned authors. This WordPress blog provides information to these children who have never read or seen books of historical significance. It is our duty to our countless countries encourages

    1. Benjamin says:

      Kindness, I appreciate your thought process. Narcissism is indeed a concern here. I had not looked at it that way. I am flattered and humbled at your high opinion of me imparting wisdom.

      This is how I see it, Kindness. If someone came to my house, and asked for beans and rice from my bin, I would freely give to someone I did not like. They are hungry.
      Now, if the same person came to my house in the middle of the night and took my beans and rice, I would defend my property and my family.
      I think this correlates with intelectual property.

      You have a deep, artistic way with words, friend. 🤠🔥


    Yes we freely accept any individuals to share information on our site without limitation. Folk get brain fog or writer’s block. Please give them accessibility to anything to help. Please give praise and never expect anything back. Shalom

      1. KINDNESS WISDOM says:

        No under Law, I explained I,t honey. Once you put anything in cyber it stays there for eternity please read all the simplicity comments pertaining to Cybersecurity laws.

        1. herbthiel says:

          This person has broken copyright laws. If the excuse he were to offer (he has not apologized for his theft) were writer’s block, he has very little original content and probably can’t write. Once something is put is put in tangible form it is your property. It doesn’t require filing it anywhere, it is yours and when someone steals something it’s wrong.

        2. Benjamin says:

          Anything I create as content belongs to me. I can distribute as I see fit, monetarily or otherwise. If someone takes without asking, this is theft, an internationally agreed upon subject. Folks would not post as much material, such as music if it was legal to take it for free. Some musicians solely sing for their supper and post online. we cannot steal from them or they would starve. most people believe it is not ok to steal.

      2. Benjamin says:

        Absolutely, Shanessa. Just because someone does not have what they want, does not give permission to steal. This mindset transcends culture.

          1. Benjamin says:

            I have been there. If I could just tame my tongue, I would be in a good way!

    1. Benjamin says:

      I am trying to think of a successful culture where it is ok to take from someone else without permission and the culture thrived. I read an account where the Ukraine lost 6 million people to starvation with this philosophy.


    J. Jay Samuel Davis retired Lawyer on this Site and others. AMERICAN ATTORNEY OF LAW has encouraged all students ADVOCATES the Freedom of speech recognition for all Journalists. We are all Students of the Profession. ” Take it all and give it away if you belive that the World may need to Know. A true Humanatian shalom

  6. Hannah Calintina says:

    That is so wrong!
    Thats like plagiarism!😲😟👎🏼
    Plagiarism is bad!😲
    That’s not cool that is sad!😟
    I’m sorry this happened!

  7. says:

    Dear Mr. Davis, Please respect intellectual property rights. If you want to reprint something, ask for permission, and wait until you get permission before you repost.Then give credit to the author. Authors copyright their work because it belongs to them. It is up to the author to share their work, not free for anyone to use and take credit for. My late husband was a graduate of Harvard Law School and worked at the Justice Department, in Senator John McCain’s office,and the White House. He was also Jewish. You do not impress me much! Cheryl Batavia

  8. Hangaku Gozen says:

    Since this site is registered under your own domain, I don’t know how involved WordPress gets into disputes like this. I would report it to WP or take it to the forum where one of their staff or volunteers might be able to help you.

    I’ve seen this happen a lot, usually with visual media and art, but I’m really surprised someone would take an actual quote from your blog and not at least give credit to the author.

      1. Benjamin says:

        Absolutely. I was quite weirded out to see someone claiming my backyard. Reeks of piracy on the semi arid desert.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hello, Hangaku Gozen, the concern has been resolved for this instance, so i see no need for reporting at this time. . I was surprised that the entire blog post, photos and all were used and no attribution was given. Thank you for the advice, friend.

      1. Hangaku Gozen says:

        I’m glad, but keep the WordPress Forum in mind if you ever have an issue with your blog. They are very helpful! Plus I’ve noticed some really odd activity on the site lately. I don’t know if it’s the result of the quarantine, or there are just more bots crawling the web, but I’ve gotten some strange hits from other “bloggers” (I don’t know if they’re real people or just spammers and content generators like the guy who ripped off your post.) Happy to know your issue was resolved, though!

        1. Benjamin says:

          Thank you for the advice!
          What I have been doing lately is reaching out to as many likers as possible and having enough conversation to assertain if they are spammers or in it for the “SEO” .

  9. Bon Repos Gites says:

    Well, aside from the clear breach of copyright, which belongs to you even if you have not registered it, this is certainly a little bizarre isn’t it? Wonder why he didn’t simply just re-post? Must have been quite an odd experience to trawl through WP and see your own back yard!!! Good Luck!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hello, Friend! Good to hear from you today! Indeed I was surprised to see me duplicated 9 minutes after I posted.

      1. Bon Repos Gites says:

        Woah, that’s almost stalker territory. Hopefully, this is just a storm in a tea cup and resolves itself quickly. Stay Well!!

        1. Benjamin says:

          Storm it is, lad. Tis National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Arrgh. I will quaff me mug o tea with gladness! You have a beautiful day!

          1. Bon Repos Gites says:

            Hope there’s a glug of rum in there me hearty although I suspect its way too early over there – even for a pirate 😉

          2. Benjamin says:

            Ha ha! I’m a wee bit dry on the spirits. 37 years. T’was a teetotaler tot!

            have you heard the song, “What do you do with a drunken sailor”?

          3. Bon Repos Gites says:

            Ha, wonderful! I had never seen a male voice choir sing that one before! Works well 🙂

          4. Benjamin says:

            I really like it. It is funny, living in semi arid Colorado….Ahem Colourado

          5. Bon Repos Gites says:

            Not a state that I have explored properly! But I recall that in Colorado Springs, it could snow enough to close the roads in the morning but by the afternoon it was sunny and clear haha

  10. Bruce Cooper says:

    I guess it all boils down to Ned’s sense of moral accountability and how far you are willing to pursue this, to achieve the desired outcome. Christian ethics would definitely say this is wrong and I would think that most human right activists and researchers would also have a tendency to follow that persuasion. Claiming your back yard is his own is a bit much. Please keep us posted on how this turns out and I wish you well in your endeavours friend. Blessings.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hello, Bruce Cooper. Good to hear from you today. This concern has resolved itself. Indeed I was surprised. I work hard to provide original content to include my back yard, lol! You, sir, have a blessed day as well!

  11. Bob Gonzalez says:

    People steal my art and try to use it for their own purposes. Sometimes, they credit me, and that is nice. Other times, they take it and try to profit from it, and that is not nice! I feel for you, brother. This is small consolation, but I guess you can be flattered that this person loves your stuff so much that he pretends to be the creator! I still think you should report him, though.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hi, Bob Gonzales, Good to hear from an artist! I try to keep my written material original to me. The photography is either no attribution required or personal. For a not artist or writer, it may be difficult to see the amount of effort and forethought necessary to express yourself on a media. Don’t be a stranger, Bob.

      P.S. Please do me a favor and drop a link to your site here in the comments. I cannot seem to find your page for some reason.

  12. Joy says:

    I was rather surprised to read this! I’ve had Ned share my work several times in the past, but he has always done it the right way through the share button so that all that shows up on his blog is a blurb and a link to the original post. I guess since there’s no share button for your blog, he just copied and pasted. With his experience sharing things correctly, he should know better than to do that.

    I’m glad that this all got straightened out. I really appreciated having your input and assistance when I had a post stolen from my blog.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Hello, Joy! I had forgotten about that instance. It is really frustrating. As written in my post, I made attempts to have the concern rectified.

      Complaints are dependent on the authority caring so I used this method to rectify my concern. It is a shame that it went to this length when I tried to make it low key.

      I would take this down as
      my particular post is now properly cited, but Ned has a lot of work to do cleaning his house. Today he reevaluated and updated many posts that he credited as his own. This is not his first time and this is not the only media he works with. I am still concerned about him plagiarizing on multiple platforms.

      I suppose I could put a share button on my blog so folks can share in a way where credit is given. That is a great suggestion, Joy.

        1. Benjamin says:

          The sad part is that all of his work on other media is suspect to me. Google Scholar, Medium, Ect. Is it his work or another’s?

          1. leendadll says:

            Exactly! If I learn one thing is stolen, esp in it’s entirety, then I have to suspect everything else.

          2. Benjamin says:

            Ha ha! Perhaps I can tell my audience I am learning C + and that I rescue cats. 🤠🔥

        1. Benjamin says:

          You know, I am considering the art of plagiarism myself. I think I will promote a product called Writer’s Blocks. 😏🤠🔥

  13. Petra says:

    Oh wow, and to think he actually chose such a specific update about working at home, not something more abstract that could maybe look like you both just had a similar thought.

    1. Benjamin says:

      He liked my post, attracting my attention. Several minutes after he liked, I checked out his site to be welcomed by my post on his site with him putting his name to it..
      He has since apologized and taken it down. I am probably not the only one.
      A lot of his posts began to look cited or were deleted.

      How is the vlog coming along?

      1. Petra says:

        Why do people do that? It’s not like they’re stealing some kind of genius science. 😅 Well, I’ve got 3 more promo videos to go and then I’m launching the podcast episodes.

        1. Benjamin says:

          Hey… One mans drivel may be another mans genius science! 🤠🔥😏🤥🙄

          You got this! Your podcast was entertaining!

          1. Petra says:

            Thanks, my friend has a real talent for goofy stuff

  14. Omatra7 says:

    Wow!! 😮😱 I just recently learned through someone else’s post about this subject that people do that!

    But I guess it’s not that surprising. Some people are posers ?

    I will try to find the post i first learned about this from because he had some software to scan for these posers

    Evidentially it’s a real problem 😮

    1. Benjamin says:

      It is a real thing. Ned Hamson, who took my post and made it his is a predator. He has been stealing on at least on platform for a while. True to a thief’s behavior, he ignored my private messages and discreet comments. When me and several others finally called him out, he apologized profusely by email and started adding sources to his reblog. He was not sorry, he was caught.

      I suppose he will continue in his behavior not only online but on the streets where he lives.

      Indeed, send me the link. Oh, and by the way, I sent you a message on your blog. Was it spammed?

      1. Omatra7 says:

        Here is that post I mention – I follow him – he does good posts – good info

        I commented somewhere on it and he told me of some software you can get to prevent it.

        That’s very sad that someone would do that…

        I would not have done private messages – I would have called that out very blatant and right away. He was so bold to take your words and photos – I would be bold back calling that out. That’s not right.

        People I suppose – is very sad… I can’t imagine how you just caught it??

        And you have it exactly right… not sorry – only caught. You have to be very careful with people, as I assume you are aware working in a prison.

        I did not see your message?

        To check if is spammed? I got to where comments are just listed? Cause I checked there just now too??

        But my WordPress been weird ever since I updated my iPhone 🤨 everything on my phone is weird!!

        But WordPress is saying I am not following people – but I am??? I don’t understand – stupid updates … and it updates when I am sleeping!!!

        1. Benjamin says:

          Renard’s World is an excellent resource in my opinion. He follows me after all😏. The articles are well ordered, researched and articulate.

          As for calling him out straight way, I am a very confrontational person and I was taking baby steps.

          As for how I caught it, I take interest in everyone who likes my posts. It is ever harder as the numbers grow. He happened to “like” my post so I gave him a visit. To my surprise, there was my backyard!

          Hmmm. I sent you a message several hours ago, and another about 10 mins ago. Bummer.

          1. Omatra7 says:

            Yes I love his posts – informational and fun/good to read! That particular article was the first time I ever knew people did that 😮 – but I googled and it’s a thing!!

            I understand the baby steps… I will do that too – I am same way – but if someone being hurt or harmed in anyway then I do not lol

            Ohhh good to know, I only do that sometimes and depends on how busy I have been cause I’ve been crazy busy lately!! Hard for me to keep up with all my normal people! I will have to make sure to do that…

            How crazy that must have been to see your post 😮😮 what the??

            Hmmm I will look again… maybe I am looking wrong?

          2. Omatra7 says:

            Was it the reptile 🦎 comment? Lol

            I replied to that!! Check yo spam lol

          3. Benjamin says:

            No. I sent the backward comment earlier in the day. I will try again. Want me to email you my findings?

          4. Omatra7 says:

            Oh wow literally just came through?? That is really weird!! 😮

            Sure – that be cool 😎 thank you

          5. Benjamin says:

            No. I don’t think it went through. It is working on my website.

          6. Omatra7 says:

            Oh. ?? Ok lol

            Well I replied that I am more like a bear because I would like to hibernate 😄🐻✌️

          7. Benjamin says:

            You should have had it sent to what I believe to be your Gmail

          8. Omatra7 says:

            I just saw it in the email, but that has not come through my WordPress yet 😮

            Watch it come tmrw or something – cause the cryptic one didn’t come until tonight lol

            I don’t understand what it’s doing… how many people message and I’m not seeing them?? 😮 whoa!!

            Was not aware that was happening!!

            Thank you for notifying – that is weird??

          9. Benjamin says:

            It happens to me off and on. I used to give long, meaningful comments like ours, but the chance it wull end up in spam is moderate. You may want to check your settings. Are you self hosted or WordPress?

          10. Benjamin says:

            On a PC you may have a few more options on your site than the phone.

          11. Omatra7 says:

            Oh I see – yeah I never use the PC for WordPress – never have – always phone just easier

            I tried on pc once and hated the way it worked – but that was probably because I am so used to the phone lol

          12. Benjamin says:

            One day, you will sell the Apple off and buy a proper phone so you can afford a newer car. They cost as much as one🤠🔥😏 Ann Droid perhaps?

          13. Omatra7 says:

            Hahaha hey man… I love my iPhone iOS … when android can compete maybe lol … plus my iPhone safer and better protected lol… I am all about safety lol 😄

            Android lacks in that area

          14. Omatra7 says:

            Yeah my kids all have androids and try to convince me – doesn’t work lol

          15. Benjamin says:

            Well, my comments are working and yours aren’t. Time for the big switch. 😏

          16. Benjamin says:

            Our comments work on my website. My comments are not posting on your website.

          17. Omatra7 says:

            That is really weird? 🤔 I wonder why? You are not a spammer are you lol

            I am kidding lol ✌️

          18. Omatra7 says:

            Well I don’t think I can afford a new car – but I wheel and deal lol

            I will check out a deal tmrw … and might be doable?

          19. Omatra7 says:

            That’s ok, you’re an android lol kidding … I have been with iPhone since the start – is my thing ❤️

          20. Benjamin says:

            They are ok. Ha ha, android… I made a chat bot once named Steven Sock. Does that count ?

          21. Omatra7 says:

            I don’t even know what a chat bot is 😄😄

            I don’t do social media stuff – only this … and even before was just Facebook

            My Facebook is still there but it on ultra privacy and hasn’t been touched in over a year

          22. Benjamin says:

            I don’t mess with Facebook. A chat bot is chatting with a computer. Not real fulfilling.

          23. Omatra7 says:

            I haven’t in a long time – but I leave it there. I’m not sure if I will ever go back… but it does keep everyone I love from all over the United States both friends and family ❤️ so I just keep it there but never log on – not since my surgery

            Hahaha oh that’s funny a computer convo 😄😄

            Kinda like Siri 😄😄

          24. Benjamin says:

            Yeah. I might go back to working in him.

            One day I will tell the story why I let Facebook go.

          25. Omatra7 says:

            I also don’t check that email religiously – or much lol … is is connected to this … and it buzzes me for everything lol – I can’t have that at work lol

            If I know someone send something I turn it on and look

            But that’s just for WordPress – I also business one 🤨 and then personal one lol …

            The personal one I check all the time though – I will send you that one

        2. Benjamin says:

          Yeah, my comments are self deleting on your site. If they are not in spam, I don’t know.

          Anyway, this is my response to your mystery post.

          !emag eht yalp nac owT ?citpyrc eb ot tnaw uoy os ,ho

          1. Omatra7 says:

            Hahahaha you are hilarious!!! I deciphered that 😄❤️❤️ took me a minute – but I got it lol

            Yes many can play that game lol

            Hmm that’s interesting – is that normal that posts do that? Self delete ? Or is that an option? Or just a glitch?

          2. Benjamin says:

            It is probably flagging my comments as spam or they need to be moderated. I do not know the format on an I phone to know where to look.

          3. Omatra7 says:

            No I don’t think is moderated? Cause I am the moderator lol … once I approve someone it should be there – you have been there for awhile now – that shouldn’t be an issue?

            I have an iPhone and I still don’t know the format lol- plus they change everything a lot so I just don’t bother lol … I just post and respond lol

  15. Cindy Georgakas says:

    so sorry about this.. or maybe just block him? I don’t know him.. I’m just say’n. but does sound like you got through since he’s cleaning up his stuff.. good luck!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Cindy, I am not too concerned with blocking Ned. I want to create awareness that this behavior presents itself sometimes.

      Thank you for taking the time to visit Cindy!

  16. da-AL says:

    o-m-g!!! how did you find out? whew! really, tho, it’s flattering & pathetic at the same time in addition to appalling — did you reblog it back from him? lol wishing you luck however you choose to handle it

    1. Benjamin says:

      Well, I do my best to read the sites of the folks that drop by and he gave me a like. When I clicked on his Gravatar, there was my post, 9 minutes after I posted it. He apologized by my contact page and I put an edit on the top to show he rectified the concern for me. Looking at the many accounts Ned has online for different platforms, I not only suspect, but have seen his plagiarism. Had it been just me, I would have taken this post down.

  17. da-AL says:

    ah – here I see your post that he removed it — still that takes some #$%^& of him…

    1. Benjamin says:

      He cleaned up a lot Da AL. All his other work is suspect to me. I feel he was just sorry he was caught. Prior to this, his attribution was sketchy at best.

  18. rue202 says:

    I remember a short while after I had started my blog and was posting some chapters for a story and someone started sending me emails, with a copied and pasted version of each chapter with any spelling or grammatical errors corrected – even put it all together in a document ready for me to publish as an ebook or something.

    While I certainly didn’t mind the help, I would’ve appreciated being asked first and it made me realize that anyone could steal my work and publish it without my knowledge, so ever since I put up a Copyright statement on my posts – and the guy suddenly stopped helping me after that.

          1. rue202 says:

            Don’t quite remember, will have to ask my Mum. I’m currently doing Year 11 and 12

          2. Benjamin says:

            It is hard to plan with all of the immediate concerns I am sure. How is your mother holding up?

          3. Benjamin says:

            God is there for you friend. If you need to talk, I am here.

          4. Benjamin says:

            You are welcome! What do you think about me writing stories again?

          5. rue202 says:

            I think that would be a great idea! I love your stories!

          6. Benjamin says:

            Thos Covid really shut a lot of things down for creative pursuits. At the beginning, I was worried about having enough food. I should not have been. God takes care of His children.

          7. rue202 says:

            Yes, He does – in ways we can’t possibly imagine, too.

          8. rue202 says:

            Nice! What’s it going to be called? And what’s the adventure going to be about?

        1. Benjamin says:

          Not that I know of. Most of it needs the context of Brother’s Campfire to make any sense. 😏🤠🔥

          1. rue202 says:

            Yeah, staying busy.

            Kinda. Go to Church every Sunday and every Sunday evening the church has a Youth Group. This Sunday just gone (My time) they did something different and just did a teens only Youth Group and took us on a hike. Thinking of doing a post about it.

          2. rue202 says:

            🙂 Yes, along with my other friends on WP and elsewhere on the Internet 😊

          3. Benjamin says:

            Absolutely. You can cultivate some of those relationships for the future.

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