Brothers Campfire Violet’s Vision or Violet’s Plight -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 171

Friends, this tale is about Violet, a character of mine. It is dark, and viewer discretion is advised.


In the darkness of the cellar,the creature crossed his arms. His eyes were narrow and his expression was hard.

His stare made her feel helpless. She did not recognize him as one of the keepers, but he had the look. She shuddered.

She would do whatever it took to make him go away.

She began to tremble. She was broken and afraid. She imagined all the things he might do. Her body shook uncontrollably and she tried hard to control her faculties.

He opened the heavy wooden door where she was kept.

” you are to follow my directions, is that understood?”

“Nod your head to show me you understand.”

She nodded. Her eyes widened as he came closer. She knew she could not handle whatever he was going to do and nearly fainted.

She put her hands up in a futile effort to protect her vulnerable body.. She whimpered, “no no.. Please, I beg you.”

His expression softened. His eyes were tender and pointed to the words chiseled on the stone wall.

Softly, he whispered to her, “I am not like the others, read the words on the wall.”

The softness of his tone and the gentleness of his demeanor made her relax. 

The words chiseled on the wall were different than before. They had said, “I hate myself.”

She gathered herself, finding her voice.

“And I am not only beautiful, I am intelligent and gorgeous.”

The creature beckoned.

“Come, I will take you out of this cruel place.” 

As he led her up the stairs, his form changed and he looked like a person in the light.

Upstairs, she observed a washroom and a closet with clothing. 

In a gentle voice, the man said,

” wash up and make yourself presentable, there is work to be done.”

He unlatched the door and stepped out. She followed hard after him. “Wait!”

She tried the door but it would not budge. She was trapped.

She was numb. What had happened to her? There were no windows and the walls were solid. 

There was a large wash tub with water. She removed her soiled clothing and noticed the water was piping hot. 

There was soap that smelled familiar but she could not place it. When she put it in the water, large bubbles formed and the water fizzled. It felt so good to be clean. 

After a long soak, she stepped out of the water and dried off.  She tried to remember. Who was she? Her name was Violet, but she did not remember anything more. 

The memory of the basement was even fading.

She looked at the clothing as she brushed her hair, towel wrapped around her body. 

The closet was full of beautiful dresses. Admiring one, Violet put it on and looked in the mirror. 

He had returned.

With a small bag in his hand, he stated,

“This is yours.” 

Speechless, she looked inside.

The pouch contained several large keys.

The man continued.

“You have the keys now. It is your turn to go down in the basement and release someone.”

The man vanished. Violet looked at the door to the outside and tried the keys. They did not fit. 

The door to the basement brought memories, but did not leave her afraid. Trying a key, she descended into the basement. 

Shocked, an entire warehouse full of people were locked in various rooms and cages in terror. The conditions were horrific.

She went to the first door she could get to. 

A young lady sobbed from inside. “I will do whatever you want, just please get me out of here!” 

Trying the keys, one fit. She opened the door and the young lady was terrified. “Oh, you poor dear,” the Violet exclaimed. 

The young lady did not hear her. All the young lady saw was an angry creature. 

Hastily, she carried the girl up the stairs. 

The keys did not work. 

Then she remembered. “Say the words written on the wall,” She whispered gently.

The girl was choked with fear and trembled. “I hate myself!”

Violet carried her back to the cell. “There there, the words are different, child. The young lady looked on at her former living arrangements and in a strained voice, read,

“I am not only beautiful, I am intelligent and gorgeous!” 

The young lady sobbed uncontrollably, and Violet led her to the light.

Upstairs,she saw the girl’s awful disposition. 

Looking around, she noticed the bath was full of fresh water, steaming hot. The closet full of clothing was similar, but different in size.

She helped the young lady clean up, acutely aware that there were others that needed rescue. 

“You wait here,” She instructed the girl.

Violet tried the key to the basement and it did not work. Turning, she looked at the exit. The keyset worked perfectly.

She thought to herself, “I will not allow the girl to go back there. I must help the others.” 

Stepping back into the room where the girl was, she headed directly for the basement door. 

People were suffering, and she would not stand idly by letting it happen.

Violet lifted the key to the door but strangely, she could not see her arm. Like the man before, she was vanishing. The keys fell towards the floor and the young lady snatched them up with marked resolution. There was no fear in her eyes.

Violet woke from her dream. She felt strangely peaceful. Wayne was in a deep sleep; he had worked an extra shift so she did not wake him.

She wondered about the man in her dream. Who was he? Had the same awful things happened to him?

Did he change form from a hideous beast to a man in the light or was it an illusion? 

She did not know. Her thoughts were directed on the young lady.

She hoped that somewhere, some little girl woke up from a strange dream thinking,

“I am not only beautiful, I am intelligent and gorgeous,” 

Like she did. 


Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

28 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire Violet’s Vision or Violet’s Plight -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 171

    1. Benjamin says:

      It is a part of the bigger storyline and it has specific value to certain members of audience. Thank you for the feedback! It is always nice to hear from the one who introduced me to WordPress options, launching me into the blogosphere!

  1. Tanya Sheik says:

    Beautiful and so gentle story!! It’s really interesting, couldn’t take off my eyes from reading it fully!!!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you, Tanya. We as people are at times in darkness and have an opportunity to be made clean. We cast aside our filthy clothing and adorn ourselves in clean apparel. It is good to help others out of darkness and into marvelous light.

  2. Tanya Sheik says:

    You’re welcome. Such a great thought. Indeed, we should help the needy. Keep inspiring by your beautiful and thought provoking stories.

  3. herbthiel says:

    Very interesting. I know she was frustrated by not being able to help anymore but at the same time she did help someone and sometimes even helping just one person is enough.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you, Friend. I appreciate your feedback. You have greatly assisted in helping me broaden my writing.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank You Navin. I appreciate the feedback.
      I also appreciate the lines from your poem.

      “I’m burning in flames every single moment on this sacred journey
      To form the new me from my ashes, the true being”

      1. Navin says:

        Your most welcome. Thank you very much for your feedback as well. Much appreciated!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you! You have contributed greatly to my development as a writer. I am appreciative that you stopped by!

    1. Benjamin says:

      Thank you. It ties in with the ongoing one. I try to write them as standalone so someone in passing gets a short story.

    1. Benjamin says:

      Did you like it then? Thank you for stopping by The Campfire! I would sure admire of you visited again!


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