Brothers Campfire Vanishing Violet-An Ongoing Tale Chapter 91

Violet wandered around town. She was horrified that no one believed there was a plot against the king. Was she crazy? She sat on a street corner  rocking back and forth weeping bitterly. The bruise on her arm hurt, and the insults hurt worse. 

She pulled a handkerchief from her pocket taken from Watchman Wayne’s house when he was not looking. She held it close.

 It was a shame he did not respond to the oatmeal in his shoes. How else could a girl get a message across to a man?

She felt ugly. 

She was ugly. Lord Rainport’s eldest destroyed her confidence and sent her away.* She was a used up dish rag. Why had Wayne not just let her drown?


“my lady, is all well with you?”

It was Wayne. 

Hastily she stuffed the handkerchief in her pocket. 

” Why, you’ve been crying. There there, what can I do to help?”

She was embarrassed. Her makeup was a mess. Now, he would see her scar.

Violet put her hands to her face. “Oh, I am fine. Good to see you, Watchman Wayne!”

He was stammering and red around the ears. “I, um, would like to ask you something.”

She didn’t care what it was. Anything sounded better than what she was doing. She gathered herself.


” I, uh spoke to my Captain and uh, he said it was ok to ask you to dinner sometime.”

” You asked your Captain if you could court me? You are strange.”

“Well, it is policy.” 

Despite her excitement, she was scared. She turned and pulled her hair over her scar. 

She smiled.

” let’s go for coffee and …”

Minions. This time in broad daylight.  They were everywhere. People were screaming in the streets. They looked around. In the harbor where ships with black flags. Formations of minions were marching.

The city was under attack! 

Watchman Wayne pulled Violet into a building and barred the door shut. They would not be safe for long. They went up the stairs. He would be able to ascertain what was going on from the roof.  

He opened a door. It looked like a living area with a bed and a stove. 

There was a large white box inside making an awful whirring noise. He eyed it warily. “Violet! Stay with me. I do not like this.”

A circular door opened and a minion pulled himself out. 

Wayne’s sword cut the creature down and more came out. ” Get back Violet! I have got to stop this! ” 

” but you said stay with you, Wayne!”

If they fled downstairs there would be nowhere to go. Wayne fought skillfully and with street savvy. This was not his first brawl in this corner of the city.  

The minions overwhelmed him. Violet had to level the playing field. She picked up a large iron pan from the stove and began swinging, giving Wayne the room to maneuver. 

She stepped in to help and stepped too close. Hands pulled her. She screamed in terror.

She was being pulled into the box. 

“Violet!!!!!!!” Watchman Wayne fought recklessly and with violence of action. In seconds he was at the door of the box. When he touched it, his hand went through it. 

The box vanished. 


*Lye was thrown on her face causing a horrendous scar

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Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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