Brothers Campfire The Search For -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 90

Brother rose early and built up the campfire. The coffee had an off taste so he rinsed out his pot and started over. John the sawbones was present and Hugleikr Loudenslager, one of the 16, spoke. 

“Brother, someone needs to tell the king what happened with the minions.”

“I agree.”

Grumpet the goose sounded off. Someone was approaching the campfire.

Ahusaka, warrior and elder of the Heron tribe, approached with at least a dozen warriors.

Brother stood and smiled. “Jarumi kuma ɗan’uwana!” 

Ahusaka was startled. “You speak the language of my people?”

Brother motioned to the large kettle.

“Coffee is the language we understand, friend.” He poured Ahusaka a cup and offered coffee to the warriors.

The 16 started to make their way to the fire for drill. 

Noticing the Heron, there was tension and hateful stares between some, mutual respect for others. It was time to make peace, but differences in culture inhibited the process. 

A universal language was spoken. Netty Berengar, wife of Brother, came to the meeting.

“Emerson Berengar! Where is Caydon?”

“I don’t know, is he not in bed?”

She put her hands on her hips. ” Would I ask about my son if I had him?”

She turned and looked at Ahusaka directly. “Did your savages take him? You can’t seem to get a handle on your people.”

Ahusaka was obviously offended. He showed restraint. “Nemo yarima domin mu sha kofi”

Two of his warriors darted off with the speed of an antelope. 

He relaxed. Young men are known to wander. Those were among the best trackers in the Heron Nation. They would find him.

Brother was practical. “When did we see him last, Netty?”

“Yesterday afternoon. He had dinner and went out to play. When I checked on him, I thought I saw him in his room.”

A horn was blown and the townspeople assembled in search of Caydon. He was likely not in town. The Heron men went far afield and Ahusaka looked with Brother. 

” We will find your son, Brother.”

Several hours went by as they tried to find Caydon.

A sounding was made by Nicholas the town watch. The two warriors had returned with their heads low. Emerson Berengar braced for the worst.   

Ahusaka translated. ” Yenaldooshi. ”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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