Turning The Tables On A Somber Saturday, Solidly

Hi. Benjamin from Brother’s Campfire here.

Sometimes, the day is just awful and things fail to go your way. Sometimes, you just have to work with the resources you have available.

Today was one of those days.

Big plans were in store for my daughter’s 16th birthday. Several dozen friends and thier families, a Brother’s Campfire size BBQ, fireworks, a pinata, music, you know, the whole 27 feet, 8.23 meters, or 9 yards.

Wow, that is a lot of math. Who comes up with these idioms anyway? We will have more on that later.

Well, at least the math part.

Anyway, due to the lock down, we had to really scale things back. It was time to turn the tables on the day.

My Beloved and I woke early on the morning and began blowing up baloons. Seriously, I think we were created with the ability to accomplish some absurd tasks.

We decided to baricade our daughter in her room. Oh, was she in for a surprise!

I made a pot of coffee and went back to writing the Ongoing Tale about Ashton.

The waiting was just as fun as the event. Here it is.

All that work made us hungry and we ate this sinfully delectable butterbraid to gather our strength.

Satiated, we went about our daily chores. I found the ice in the duck pond was rather thick today.

Lunch was my daughter’s choice and she chose well. I love chinese take out!

Her fortune cookie simply stated, “made in the USA.” We had a good laugh as it is technically true.

Mine, well… It was empty. As we lost my daughter’s strip of paper, there were suspicions that I consumed it and left the cookies.

We got bored and did what any member of Brother’s Campfire might do. We built a fire.

This fire was special as my daughter asked to burn her school work for her birthday. Obviously, we can’t do that so we made photo copies of the covers and glued them to coloring books.

I hear this is called costume play, but we had a blast pretending regardless of what it is.

No real schoolbooks harmed

We are not big cake eaters, so for celebration, my Beloved opted for a tart cherry pie. It was delicious!

We were together. We were family. Sure, we did some quirky things, but they were memories. Our memories. Sometimes you just gotta turn the tables on the situation.

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

71 thoughts on “Turning The Tables On A Somber Saturday, Solidly”

      1. I was grounded for a month, a week before my 16th for missing a curfew I’d never been told I had by 15min.

        No celebration. But there was never one planned to start with.

          1. Not so much exciting as spent with the person I’ve loved the most in this life. He made it a special day, geared to my likes, and gave me a present I adored (and still have). It was a day focused on making me happy, by someone who genuinely understood me.

          1. It’s a good bit of work, but worth it.
            It takes me a good week – or more – to decorate, depending on how into it I get. If I put the train/Christmas garden up it takes me longer. I’ll probably set it us next year. This year will be the silver tree with a color wheel and a small table top Christmas tree. I’ll be showing pics or video!

          2. He would love this…it was my mom’s first Christmas present, from 1945. It whistles, blows smoke, and as far as I know still works. My grandfather – her dad – made all the houses and one church that make up the town (we have a plastic one as well that is from my childhood), the houses light up from the inside. Just setting that up takes a day!

  1. Love the balloon surprise and hope your daughter did too. We ll have to do what we can to make a special day, these days and you certainly did. I am with you on your pie choice. Nothing beats a sour cherry pie, except maybe any pie ending in pie. Glad you found a way to celebrate. Stay well. Allan

  2. Bravo to you all for making the best of the situation! I am quite certain she will look back on her 16th birthday and remember the love and devotion poured out to her and will always treasure those memories, vividly. That cannot always be said of other sweet 16 birthdays…

    1. Thank you Auntie Beverly!
      Good, wholesome memories are the most important. Who wants to look back at a life of regrets and poor choices? In many ways we all have made them, but it is nice to mitigate what we can as parents.

      Thank you for dropping by today!

      1. You’re welcome, nephew!

        Amen, the most important memories are wholesome! My middle daughter was invited to a 10 year old’s birthday party in California. It involved a limousine picking up the guests and other ridiculous things. I bet none of the girls remembered it including the birthday girl because they tried to out top it with something else. That will not be the case with your amazing daughter!!

        I agree on all points. We do our best to mitigate what we can as parents.

  3. Happy Birthday 🥳 to your daughter!! That balloon door 🎈 is soooo sweet!! What a great and fun idea!!

    Sounds like you did make good memories and smiles ❤️✌️

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