Brothers Campfire The Kraken -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 124

As James was led away to be tied to the mast, Admiral Grylls’ raven Corbae flew off his shoulder.

 He yelled,

“Blasted bird! No more ships biscuits for you!” 

All the birds that rested on the rigging flew off and circled.

From a vantage point high on the mast a voice called out a bone chilling discovery.


Admiral Gryll commanded,

“Quartermaster! Arm the men!”

“First Mate, untie James!”

He looked harshly at James.

Admiral Gryll

“This isn’t over, but we need every swinging sword on this ship!

James yelled, ” I need my greatsword! “

Gryll growled, “get it from the quartermaster!”

James ran to retrieve his Montante. 

A gigantic tentacle lifted itself out of the deep. In its hand was a shiny piece of metal. The sailors looked at the monstrous arm with awe. One declared,

“He’s a vain one, look at him! He holds a looking glass!” The sailors went to the rail to get a closer look. No sooner and a tentacle violently pulled the boat causing it to list portside. A sailor yelped and fell in the water, and another arm protruded from the deep, securing him in his grasp. “It’s gonna drown him!” Cried one! 

The tentacle raised the sailor over the deck and high out of reach.

Men, armed with swords, attacked the fleshy arm trying to release their shipmate. It was a trap! Another arm snatched others who came too close. He was using the sailor as bait, just as he had with the looking glass! 

Gross realization struck them. There was a magnitude of intelligence in this creature. The Kraken released the boat, three arms out of the water. The tentacle with the looking glass turned toward where the head likely was under the water. Evil eyes emerged.  He was looking at himself! 

The second tentacle held his first catch. There was a sickening scream and a crunching sound as he consumed the sailor with his beak. Those on his third arm looked on in horror, knowing their fate. 

“Admiral Gryll commanded, ” Harpoon Him!”

The barbs stuck the creature to no avail. They seemed to irritate the kraken more than anything. 

The Admiral’s ships circled the monster and helpless, they watched a second man consumed. The kraken grabbed the rail of a second ship, removing a section, it’s men falling overboard. The chaos continued.

With two ships in its grasp, the kraken pulled himself from the water, his long tentacles destroying everything they struck. 

James climbed the main mast with a coil of rope in tow. The two ships listed dangerously with the weight of the Kraken. He yelled to the other ship, “Tie this top mast!” 

With that, he hurled a grapple to the other ship. Hastily, a wiry sailor shimmied top mast and secured the rope. 

James looked down at the kraken. It was a long way down and he had never swung from a rope before. Grasping tightly, he let himself go from the mast. 

As he fell in an arc, James knew his timing had to be perfect. He let go of the rope, heart filled with terror as his legs kicked for footing that was not there. Mustering his courage, he drew his greatsword and pointed it downward.

His weight and his momentum found its mark catching the kraken directly in the eye. 

Immediately, the kraken released the ships and retreated into the deep.

James was fished from the water.

Looking Admiral Gryll square in the eye, he said,

“How many ships do I owe you?”

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire.

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  1. herbthiel says:

    Wow! Good job James. I want to see what Admiral Gryll does. And I wonder if Gryll won’t meet Zorqem again, sometime.


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