Brothers Campfire The Brief Clarity -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 25

I am awake. I am Beast. 

I am clear in my thinking this evening. 

I think better when all is still. Stewart the magistrate said I feel changes in the earth. When the moon is full, things change on the ground. 

Stewart knows. I do not know. I feel rage and bitterness when the moon is big.

The Heron took a word from another tribe.

Yenaldooshi they call me. They say I walk on all fours and take skin of animals to wear. 

They are thieves not me. They took a word from a tribe not theirs.

I am Beast. I do not walk on fours. I have hands. I have feet. I hurt. I get better fast when I am hurt.

Beast remember

All was normal. Mom….  That is mom. I get it. I get mom. Dad. 

Mom and Dad. 

Mom and Dad.

They were nice. I was small.

Cruel hands took me away and I was bitten by the monster. 

I was put in a cellar. 

No bathing.


Sores came. 

Torment came

They attacked me in the cellar


They tormented and abused me


Sores grew all over

I was rescued from the monster.

 Mom and Dad did not recognize Jeptha

They told the rescuers their child was dead.

They said I was Beast not Jeptha

I am Beast.

Shepherd’s Crook Man was there! I know Shepherd’s Crook Man!

I remember.

He touched my shoulder and the sores left me. 

My skin became tough instead. Not much hurts outside. 

All Hurts inside

My heart beats with fear and worry. 

In 2 days the moon will be full and I will hide myself away. 

Beast am alone.

How do you say?

I am alone

Beast forgets then remembers

I must stay alone. 

I tell the Heron tribe.

I think they know.

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

8 thoughts on “Brothers Campfire The Brief Clarity -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 25

    1. Benjamin says:

      It’s dark, but it’s his history. Thanks for reading this from way back! I have another coming soon. The moon is full.

      1. Doree says:

        I believe mostly, light is hidden by the dark. I’m very interested to read more about this character. I think I read somewhere the full moon is a wolf moon tonight…? Howl away!


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