Brothers Campfire September 11 -An Ongoing Tale Chapter 24

The Man with the Shepherds Crook brought strong medicine to the Heron man’s wife according to the Heron that joined me at the Campfire this morning.
According to the Heron warrior, she is recovering.

Today, a family brought their child to the Man with the Shepherds Crook. He is gravely ill. There is something to this

I have heard of this before someplace long ago. I am interested in this man’s beliefs. Many of the Heron do not like Shepherd’s Crook Man. I am practical and concrete but it is obvious there is an underlying spiritual matter at hand.

As we sit near the Campfire, the Bard begins tuning the strange instrument given to him as a gift from the Heron tribe. All goes quiet.

I sit with you here today,
With words of remembrance in play.

On the date of nine and eleven,
Some of our countrymen went to heaven.

Dragons with riders attacked with fire
Killing many drawing our ire.
They took the lives of man and maiden,
On innocent lives had death bin laden

We feared and trembled in fire’s wake
Molten metal flowed like water.
It was a surprise attack we did quake,
As pain consumed our sons and daughter.

We gathered ourselves and buried our dead
Mourned the loss of blood that was shed.
A cowards act killing young and old,
Against a warrior would you be so bold?

We like men gathered ourselves together,
Determined to destroy evil that had been weathered.

We looked for the cowards we did not tire.
We found a crazy world, they set their own on fire.

A twisted world where hatred is taught,
Cruelty norm women sold and bought.

We liberated cities and fought evil with haste
The horseman of death we ground into paste.

We put bounty on dragons their lairs did find,
And put boots on the ground and into behind.

Hoo sane we sane
Evil on us been laden,
Death took a toll and gave us pain
This we have not forgotten

We slaughtered the dragons and riders
with drive and motion
Took their foul corpses,
And threw them in the ocean.

Harm they did seek and they did us wrongly,

Don’t try and mess with the Land Of La Longi!

Author: Benjamin

Benjamin Thiel is a community leader, urban farmer, and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. He might know a guy...

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  1. mattsnyder1970 says:

    Ben, it is an honor to read this incredible poem on my podcast. I can’t believe this only got 7 likes. Bravo brother, well said.


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