Sweeping Chicks Off Their Feet.

Hello Friends!

Confession time.

My beloved has knowledge of my dark skillset and I have been sweeping chicks off their feet all day today, evidenced by the cold, hard facts detailed in this video.

I have been working on exposing the new flock to stimuli while they are still young. I feel as though birds have a high capacity to learn and I want to promote their growth. Today was the second day outside.

I put a 1300 watt heater in the outdoor pen and set out a brand new oil pan from the dollar store full of warm water. It was time to get these girls (and boy ) accustomed to swimming.

Initially, one brave soul dived in with reckless abandon, while the others looked on, unsure of how to proceed next.

Way To Go Brave Leader Girl!

It did not take long for the others to see how much fun the she was having. I discovered how small I had been thinking and needed to expand.

Birds of a feather… And oh my, not enough room!

Taking one of my kiddie pools, I put bricks in the center and filled it with water.

This… Was a veritable amusement park.

They loved the pool with the launchpad!

Well, that is all for now! I hope you enjoyed the read! Let me know what you would like to see the birds doing next in the comments below!

Author: The Storyteller

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85 thoughts on “Sweeping Chicks Off Their Feet.”

    1. They are keeping me busy, friend! I do not want them sitting under a light in the garage eating crumble from a bag. The more they forage, the more efficient and cost effective they will be! When they get a little bigger, I am going to feed them goldfish! In addition to cost effective, It is obvious they are smart and intelligence is an awful thing to waste! 🤠🔥

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