Scheduling Concerns

Hello Friends!

I work in the public sector and am still going to my job assignment as it is considered essential. However, I am working a different set of hours. It is my intention to provide the highest quality content possibile for my readers.

This, was quality! Thank you beloved!

To continue in the persuit of quality, I may need to schedule days that I post to manage my responsibility instead of posting every day.

Thank you friends for understanding! I have some of the kindest readers in the world. Thank you!

Cant stop eating or writing!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

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          1. Good to hear that 😊 yes I love to Do so. Here its 7 am. So preparing to make some vegetable sandwiches today with a cup of coffee 🤗🥗 you wanna join, 😊

          2. I brought some French Roast and the Campfire!☕ 🔥

            I also brought additional fruits and vegetables!

          3. Me, I am an omnivore. I do eat meat. Eggs are a daily staple. Milk was an expensive luxury growing up so I try to ensure my children get plenty! I have a vegetable garden planted. They are good with eggs!!😁

          1. When I put in the test comment. Before I submitted it you popped up liking the comment I was about to submit! Creepy, scary, and I jumped!

          2. I was just being annoying. That’s all. Don’t let it get to you.
            I have 2 biological brothers, but they’re nothing protective like you are.

          3. That is because you are at a crossroads in your life. You likely feel as though you missed out on some things in your childhood and you have catching up to do.

          4. Some of things you may think are important stepping stones into adaulthood really are not. The cause regret later. Does that make sense?

  1. Thank you for letting us know. And don’t worry about it if you can’t keep posting or finding it difficult with your new hours, we all sometimes go for weeks without posting sometimes.

      1. Cool! If I don’t get to for a while, I don’t worry too much, though I make sure to post a lot for a little bit afterwards to make up for it.

          1. I try and go for walks every day, though due to the COVID-19 situation, I don’t to make sure I don’t come into contact with someone who may have it.

          2. I’m not sure. Depends on what I’m writing, or if I’m writing at all. I find I’m not always in a writing mood. And it also depends on how much time I get to sit down and write.

          1. Sunday is the first day of the week to me because I want to give God the first part. God did enjoy his labor on the 7th day. However, I am not an expert on Sunday Holidays.

          2. I see that the bible commands more parts of our lives than I thought.
            Reading it gives a cultural view regarding the western society.

          3. Bible belt?
            Why is it called that?

            But I won’t be surprised. I hear most of the founding fathers of the states were devout christians.
            I also hear few of them were members of secret organisations, though I doubt this is true.

          4. So, a lot of founding fathers believed in a diety bigger than themselves. They were not all Christians ad I would define. However, thier devoutness to thier convictions did indeed set a tone for American culture.
            So, here is the skinny on ancient secret organizations in my opinion. There was not an internet to meet amazing people at Brother’s Campfire, so the wealthy met and actually spoke face to face! They would have membership dues, secret handshakes, ect. While they were having a good ole time, work and political conversation must have occured, influencing decisions among friends. This would be viewed differently by someone who did not get to participate due to funding or lack of social connections. This is just an opinion.

          5. That is a great statement.
            I find most conspiracy theories stupid, though some make sense.

            I was just surfing the net, and came across the name of an emperor named Constanine.
            Some claim that he created the bible. That seems strange, since he came much after Jesus Christ. Would you know something on this?

          6. The Catholic church had heavy involvement with the Romans. They made a lot of things up to appease everyone. God’s Word was spoken from the beginning and revealed in the hearts of mean who were promted to write. Moses very likely wrote Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Paul wrote many books in the New Testament. There is no book of Constantine in the Bible!

            Conspiracy theories fail due to actual implementation of human intelligence. You and your friends may conspire for something to happen and influence an outcome, but that is normally how business is conducted!

          7. This makes sense.

            Did you know that some hindu texts predicted the birth of Jesus Christ before he was actually born?
            The Bhavishya Purana (Meaning stories of the future) tells about the coming of a saint named Issa Massih (The name of Jesus in parts of middle east) who would spread the word of god to the mlecchas (pagans).

            However, the Bhavishya Purana was heavily edited throughout ages, so we can’t be sure what the text really said. Most of its verses have now been lost.

            It is confusing who would be the one who would edit it. It gives Jesus the post of a messanger of God, instead of God himself. This rules out editing by any Christian.
            The Hindus consider it a sin to edit the texts, like any religion would.
            But this is interesting indeed.

          8. That is indeed interesting. It is unfortunate that the texts were edited. Did you know that wise men came from the East to see Jesus? They saw his star. That tells me there was insight from these Men of the East.

          9. Yes, I believe they were 9 kings? Or maybe another number.
            It would be probable some of them were indians. One of the most legendary kings of India of that time was Vikramaditya. His empire extended beyond Afghanistan. He might have visited Jesus.

            Some scholars doubt the existence of Vikramaditya. But he is so often mentioned in Indian texts of that time, that his existence to me is obvious.

            Would there be any details on the kings who came to meet him?

          10. Not in the Bible to my knowledge. Do you follow Herb Thiel’s blog? He is a wealth of information on a lot of your questions. I know he could help in answering a lot of these things. I would like to let him know about our conversation if it is ok.

          11. Yes I follow him. I hear he is a sunday school teacher.
            I would like to know his insight .

            There are many parallels between our religions.

            The second coming of Christ is relatable to birth of Kalki, 10th avatar of Supreme Lord Vishnu, who shall descend from heaven on a white horse, with a grand longsword, and revive righteousness, when the men have forgotten the teachings of God.

          12. I just checked. The Bhavishya Purana says that Grandson of Vikramaditya, Shahlavana, travelled to the west and met a great sage named Issa. But in that legend, Jesus is grown up.

          13. There have been claims that Jesus visited a particular monastry in India.
            Some records at the monastry mentioned a traveller from the arab land, named Issa, who had a grand light about him and stayed there. But this claim has been criticised as made up. The historian who claimed this said afterwards that the records he found had been either deliberately, or accidentally, been removed.

            I don’t know if this can be true, but I find it interesting. The theory was called something along the lines o f the ‘lost years of christ’.

          14. Yes, I felt the theory was wrong too.

            After all, Isa was a common name. And there were many enlightened men in that era, so it would be possible it was some other traveller. Or maybe, the historian just made up the story.

            What intrigues me, is the comparatively low number of christians in middle east.

            In case you have time, I would like to know about the crusades. What they were, why they were fought, between whom, and what was the result?

          15. Is Colorado a part of the Bible belt?

            India has no bible belt. But we have regions with high density of churches. Some examples would be: Puducherry (a french colony with a very european culture), Daman and Diu, (Portugal colony), Kerala (A man named St. Thomas arrived here over 2000 years ago, probably while Jesus was alive or had just died, and he spread Christianity) and Goa.
            As for temples, you will find them everywhere you look. Just walk a few hundred metres in a street, and you will find a temple.

          16. Wow, thank you for the insight!
            Colorado is North of the Bible Belt. We are a melting pot of the United States. People from all parts are mkved here for military service and they share their outlook on life. There is a strong church presence in Colorado, however.

            The Apostles of the New Testament could very well have extended their mission beyond the Roman Empire. Thomas would have been a follower of Jesus, known as a disciple.

          1. I work in a prison so I practice a few martial arts to stay as combat ready as posible. I have found the best tool to use with inmates is words!

          2. That’s cool. I find marital arts quite intriguing, but never took any sort of training at school or college. I have bowed a couple of times to Japanese looking people… that’s about it all😁 What kind of martial arts you practice? Like there’s taikwando, kung-fu, karate, jujitsu and much more!

          3. I teach job related skills.
            Application of restraints, take downs, strikes, ect.
            I have dabbled in Filipino stick fighting, Ninjitsu, and Kenpo Karate, but nothing to indepth. Mostly fundamentals of stance in a combat situation.

  2. we understand when duty calls. I too will be .limited during this coming week staring April 6th. It is a week of prayer and fasting at my church (online of course) but I really would like to partake. God bless you. be safe

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