Plans Change

Hello Friends!

I discovered today that I will not be working for a few days. I have a sore throat.

I plan on staying isolated for the moment while a few things are sorted out. I feel like I am letting my team down, but I trust it is for the best. I suppose we cannot be too careful during these tough times. Symptoms Of Corona WHO

I noticed a lot of Colorado views today. Yes, I am at home following directions mom and dad! I so would like to be with you. Thanks for reading.

On my way home today, I took a picture of an overturned pickup that apparently flipped on the ice. The road can be treacherous!

When I drive in the ice or snow, I do my best to mechanically break down processes in my mind. A vehicle steers, breaks, and accelerates. Sometimes it is best to focus on one function at a time to maintain safety. For instance, when you are steering, it is more than ok to let up on the gas completly to focus on steering. You may find it helps.

I have slipped of the road on the other side of the street and know first hand the dangers of this highway.

Arriving at home, I was welcomed with beans and rice with the fixings. It was very tasty.

I look forward to supporting my team soon and have been drinking copious amounts of fluid from a big yellow cup.

I cannot believe they need to explain it.

While coffee is a amazing, tea is going to help me out of this one. Perhaps I will do a post on my favorites soon!

Author: The Storyteller

Benjamin Thiel is a husband, father, correctional professional and author of The Ongoing Tale at Brothers Campfire. His favorite quote is "Don't count the lions. It will make you afraid and slow you down."

83 thoughts on “Plans Change”

          1. You are welcome.
            Thank you. Considering I have been home for 3 weeks, and will remain inside for about a couple more, I believe I am completely safe.

            The government is working well. If the people follow instructions, it will all be well.

  1. Get better soon, dear. I hope that this is nothing serious.
    And hopefully nothing major happened to the vehicle driver.
    Stay blessed 🙏🙏

    1. At this time I have a sore throat that is a little worse than this morning. The driver of the truck should have been relatively ok if he was wearing a seat belt I believe. I pray he is ok. You stay blessed as well!

          1. Sorry but I’ m not very pet…! Hihihi crosswords, yes! Bit I used to do it in french. And you? What are your hobbies?

          2. I am an outdoorsman. I do have to work a lot to support my family. They are my first priority. I like to garden, make campfires😜, cook, and in controlled settings, fight!

  2. Well, while most people would hope it’s not “the virus”, I hope it’s a mild case, giving you immunity… but that no one gets it from you.

    I also hope you feel better soon!

      1. We’re okay. I’ve found that he will eat chopped up hotdogs so I’m mixing them in to different foods.
        His weight loss is still progressing… last night I could feel horrible ridges in his scalp… it’s no obvious from looking at him but there’s no fat or muscle left there at all. But he’s still interactive and engaged. I’ll continue giving all the love I can till he gives up.

        1. Good for you Leanda. I respect your commitment to your furry friend. One of our little ones held a pet rabbit until it let go a little while back. It was heartbreaking.

          1. I lost a couple pets while they were alone in overnight ER and I’ve never beeb able to forgive myself for not being with them.

            I need to update my will in case I die the same way. I don’t mind dying alone, as so many people currently are, but need to leave everything to my cats as incentive for someone to take them in – even sick Adam.

          2. I’ve never, in my entire life, had a pet that passed peacefully. That’s why I’ve promised the Universe that I will make 3 platelet donations if Adam goes easily. It’s a big offer for me as platelet donations are physically difficult for me.

  3. 😮 hope you ok, keep updating!! Hope you feel better soon!

    And whoa 😮 on the overturned truck! I do not miss driving in snow lol … should I get that desire I can head up to Tahoe – but I usually do not want to drive in snow… I don’t even wanna drive in rain lol ✌️

    1. I will keep everyone updated, friend. Thank you for your kindness. That little piece of highway has killed folks with its bends and turns. Keep living with grace and strength! You are an encouragement!

        1. I work hard telling a bot to send those emails automatically! Why last time I managed it was hmmm… January? And you went and threw my hard work in the trash!! No, really I am glad you found it!

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